Album Review: Scaphis – Dissected & Fermented (Self Released)

Melbourne death metal sensation Scaphis’ sophomore album ‘Dissected & Fermented’ will be released on Friday, July 8th, 2022.

A good intro should get you excited, it should get your blood pumping and your heart racing. It should gee you up, ready for what comes next. Guess what Scaphis has? Exactly that with the track Gathering, a thumping introduction. The perfect welcome to Dissected & Fermented and the rallying call to lose your mind as Broken By the Wheel brings the brutality. Scaphis unleashing a torrent of death metal abuse, with blackened undertones, in thrilling style.

That is how you start an album off.

Things only get better from here though as The Hunt has a manic desperation about it that sounds downright dangerous. Let Me Out features monolithic riffing and a blistering drum style. Plague sees Scaphis spread their filthy death-covered tentacles through the mind with a monumental example of modern intensity. Before the halfway point of the album passes with the beastly and bullish All for You.

Scaphis refusing to hold back on the savage front but also layering their music with so much innate detail that you’ll feel like a vulture having discovered a fresh corpse.

The second half of the album certainly doesn’t drop in quality either. Tower of the Damned’s chunky riffing and electrifying soloing is delightful, Blood Eagle’s titanic heaviness is mentally draining, Flesh Prison is nice and nasty with some of the most guttural vocals heard so far, and Homicidal bristles and rages with undue power. Downright excellent stuff.

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Wrapping up with one last scorching blast of death metal, the title track is one last sliver of flesh from the desiccated carcass, but what a tasty morsel it is. One last moment of satisfaction on an album that fulfils all the extreme desires that hide away in the recesses of the mind and soul.

Scaphis have knocked it out of the park here.

Scaphis – Dissected & Fermented Full Track Listing:

1. Gathering
2. Broken by the Wheel
3. The Hunt
4. Let Me Out
5. Plague
6. All for You
7. Tower of the Damned
8. Blood Eagle
9. Flesh Prison
10. Homicidal
11. Dissected & Fermented


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Scaphis - Dissected & Fermented (Self Released)
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