Album Review: Sabaton – The War To End All Wars (Nuclear Blast)

Sabaton is known for its high-intensity heavy metal, juxtaposed with narratives that recount harrowing yet epic tales of real-life military battles and the brave men and women who lived them. On March 4, 2022, The War to End All Wars (Nuclear Blast Records), Sabaton’s tenth album, will be released.

Written and recorded between spring 2020 and spring 2021, the band has crafted a concept album of 11 brand-new songs that once again dive deep into the atrocities, miracles, and events tied to the early 20th century World War I.

Always capable of delivering stomping power meal anthems alongside history lessons of great importance. Sabaton make good on their promises with The War to End All Wars. Beginning with a song about the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. The incident that prompted the start of World War 1.

Called Sarajevo; a combination of spoken word storytelling, a marching rhythm, a chorus of group singing, energetic and epic soloing. It’s a track that welcomes you to the battlefield once again.

The full strength of Sabaton is unleashed with the following Stormtroopers and Dreadnought. The former’s fast-paced tempo, melodic drop and epic build back up is everything great about Sabaton. Whereas the latter is chest-thumping groove, a rhythmic approach that reflects the style of ship the song is based on. Dangerous, commanding and awe-inspiring.

Always a fascinating part of Sabaton’s historic storytelling is when they choose to focus on more individual tales. Something that is very prevalent on The Unkillable Solider. The story of the “indestructible” Sir Adrian Carton De Wiart, who survived gunshots to his left eye, skull, hip, leg, stomach, ankle and ear, and numerous plane crashes, yet kept fighting.

Here Sabaton make sure to pay tribute to such heroics with a larger than life bout of head-banging heaviness and fist-pumping glory. A track that will go down well in a live environment thanks to a segment seemingly designed for a crowd to sing along to.

Later, they also pay tribute to the famous 369th regiment made up primarily of African American and Puerto Rican soldiers with Hellfighters. A track that comes with a barrage of riffs, thumping percussion and thrilling vocals. As well as honouring Milunka Savić with their inimitable chorus-driven power on Lady of the Dark. Milunka Savić being the Serbian woman who took her brother’s place in the army and, disguised as a man, became one of most decorated soldiers of the war.

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Around those two tracks, Sabaton deliver an anthemic blast (an interesting use of synth here) with Soldier of Heaven. A very classic and familiar Sabaton ‘chant-along’ with Race to The Sea and old-school heavy metal flavour of The Valley of Death. Albeit, with Sabaton’s unmistakable energy and penchant for huge choruses.

The penultimate track is Christmas Truce. A track that all fans will be very familiar with, seeing as it was released around Armistice Day last year. A track that can easily be called one of the finest and most poignant tracks Sabaton have ever released. A beautiful and heart-wrenching listen that tells the story of Christmas Eve in 1914. When British and German found a moment of peace and brotherhood on the battlefield. It still holds as much power now as it did when first heard months ago. Even the most ardent detractor of Sabaton will find it hard to not well-up upon hearing this fabulous tale.

How do you follow that? It’s a near-impossible task yet Sabaton take the approach of starting as they begun with Versailles. Spoken word storytelling, soft melodies, and bursts of group-singing. A strong closer that works with the opener to bookend this latest series of epic tales of war.

It’s another strong release from Sabaton with plenty of songs to fit neatly in amongst their back catalogue. An anthem or two, namely The Unkillable Solider, Solider of Heaven and Christmas Truce, makes it all the more impactful and memorable.

Sabaton – The War to End All Wars Full Track Listing:

1. Sarajevo
2. Stormtroopers
3. Dreadnought
4. The Unkillable Soldier
5. Soldier of Heaven
6. Hellfighters
7. Race to The Sea
8. Lady of the Dark
9. The Valley of Death
10. Christmas Truce
11. Versailles


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