Album Review: Rusty Eye – Dissecting Shadows (Blood Blast)

Traditional LA-Mexican metal trio Rusty Eye will release their new album ‘Dissecting Shadows’ on 23rd October via Blood Blast. ‘Dissecting Shadows’ is the most ambitious Rusty Eye recording to date, encompassing all of the strengths of the band’s past with a bold look toward the future.

A trio that bring a lot of the old-school metal vibes to the table while certainly having their own unique flavours. This is Permanent combination of pace-driven riffs, obscure blend of differing vocals and chunky drum beat really wakes things up at the start.

Can’t Wait To Go To Hell enhances that with an even punchier guitar rhythm that is darker and meaner but culminates in a synthy way that just sounds so right. Whereas the title track is catchy and built on a strong foundation of traditional metal groove. A double hitter that proves Rusty Eye are more than just your standard throwback metal band.

Hell, on the vocal front alone, they sound so unique. The blend of male and female vocals making for a constantly fascinating experience. Hellbound Witch and Defacing Effigies both rocking numbers that showcase the inventive catchiness and frantic heaviness that Rusty Eye embody.

Although it’s with the longest track, Mrs Baylock, that the trio really stand out. As we get a ton of kick-ass riffs, video-game like effects and a sinister edge that fits the character the song is based around. The devil is in the detail and this is a detailed track.

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A defiantly powerful vocal performance and epic guitar solo keeps Hope Denied placed in the forefront of the mind. Followed by Rusty Eye putting the pedal down again for the racing groove of The Destroyer before the mellower but still quite chunky slower pace of Kandarian Dreamin’ keeps things sounding so unusual.

Do they have any more surprises? Absolutely! The finale of All the Colors of the Dark a ballsy and blasting metal track that leans towards the heavier and darker side of the unit’s music.

A very unique album.

Rusty Eye – Dissecting Shadows Full Track Listing:

1. This Is Permanent
2. Can’t Wait to go to Hell
3. Dissecting Shadows
4. Hellbound Witch
5. Defacing Effigies
6. Mrs Baylock
7. Hope Denied
8. The Destroyer
9. Kandarian Dreamin’
10. All the Colors of the Dark




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Rusty Eye - Dissecting Shadows (Blood Blast)
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