Album Review: Road Warrior – Power (Gates Of Hell Records)

Hailing from South Australia, Road Warrior effectively recreate a time when heavy metal was oblivious to trends. The band’s eight-song “Power” debut combines taut, muscular classic heavy metal compositions with an aesthetic that is unapologetic.

Featuring bassist/vocalist Denimal Blake, guitarist Overdryve and drummer Villon, Road Warrior was created out of necessity by Blake. A man who would be the first to tell you, “Heavy metal is in my blood and cannot be denied.”

Power is out on October 5th 2018 via Gates of Hell Records.

Road Warrior 2

Taking inspiration from the cream of classic metal bands like Judas Priest, Dio and most importantly, Manowar. Road Warriors debut album demands you oil up, throw on a loincloth and bring back the mullet. With one fist firmly planted in the air and the other gripping a beer, Don’t Fight the Fate’s galloping beat and exclamation point vocals start things off well.

Road Warrior steps up the game initially but after a fairly bombastic start, drops in about a minute of guitar strumming that goes nowhere. By time it tries to recover, it’s already too late.

The country twang of Devils in Waiting intro melts into a hefty punch of Dio-infused metal that will ignite the coldest of hearts. While I Am the Hunger straightup plays the classic heavy metal card without even thinking. It’s at this point; the halfway mark that the unfortunate thought of ‘is this it?’ will start to creep in.

I’d love to say that it gets so much better but unfortunately it doesn’t. Tease n’ Torture has a little sleaze to it and Sweating out the Poison is distinctly average. Back Alley Tokyo Woman rescues things a little thanks to some rocking riffs before The Future is Passed ends things with a little more imagination.

It’s a shame that it’s a little to late. Still, those tracks show a bit of promise. A more refined and less ‘tribute’ like and Road Warrior might be on to something.

Road Warrior 1

Road Warrior – Power Full Track Listing:

1. Don’t Fight Fate
2. On Iron Wing
3. Devils in Waiting
4. I Am the Hunger
5. Tease n’ Torture
6. Sweating out the Poison
7. Back Alley Tokyo Woman
8. The Future is Passed

You can order the album over on Gates of Hell Records’ website and find out more about Road Warrior by checking out their Facebook Page.


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Road Warrior - Power (Gates Of Hell Records)
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