Album Review: Resonance – Out of the Silence (Inverse Records)

Finnish modern metal band Resonance will release their debut album ‘Out of the Silence’ on December 13th 2019 via Inverse Records.

Resonance’s music is all about the brutal meeting of beautiful and technical melodies that are creating an unique approach to it. All four of the band members are experienced and hard-working musicians that have been associated with many bands and projects in the past. They all have different musical influences which is essential for the band’s unique and fresh sound.

Beginning with a bang, Shattered Inside sets the bar with a complex arrangement of riffy guitars, brutalising vocals and a punchy drum and bass combo. It has got groove, it has got snarl but most of all, it has bite.

The bar is met with the metal grandness of Drained, the clean-chorus driven Another World and the melodic energy of The One. The latter featuring a stonking vocal performance from Sara Strömmer on vocals.

Energy levels still at maximum the riffs fly like fur in a cat fight with Faded Memory, Wasteland and the title track. Effectively heavy, effectively melodic and effectively enjoyable.

Upping their game for the final two tracks, Lie then spits fire whereas Final Exit throws in random saxophone for a jazzy feel. Odd but interesting enough to perk the ears.

Resonance – Out of the Silence Full Track Listing:

1. Shattered Inside
2. Drained
3. Another World
4. The One (Featuring Sara Strömmer)
5. Faded Memory
6. Wasteland
7. Out of the Silence
8. Lie
9. Final Exit


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Resonance - Out of the Silence (Inverse Records)
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