Album Review: Red Rum – Book Of Legends (Trollzorn)

Hailing from the UK sails Red Rum, a band of pirates who have tirelessly ahoyed across the treacherous seas in hunt of the mightiest melodies and riffs to slot into your ear holes! Prepare to brandish your steel because Red Rum are boarding your ship and drinking all your booze come April 14th, 2023. This is the day their new album ‘Book of Legends’ will be released via Trollzorn.

Ah, pirate metal. Isn’t this joke played out? Apparently not, as the continued popularity of Alestorm is still something that exists. We would prefer to not invoke their name but as Red Rum share the whole ‘pirate’ thing with them, it’s hard not to.

Thankfully, that’s where the major comparisons end as Red Rum take a more ‘power metal’ approach to their anthemic pirate-themed music. Something they certainly have the chops for and it results in an album that you can have fun with. Mainly because it’s packed with catchy tunes.

From the anthemic Drunk and Disorderly, where, try as you might, it will get well and truly stuck in the head. To the big singalong that is We Pirates, the hyperactive Greatest Drink (In All the Land), and the infectious punchiness of Drunken Pirates (Ahoy!). Red Rum keep it simple but fun. Which works in their favour as this isn’t music to take seriously, regardless of talent. Which Red Rum have plenty of.

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The issue is how played out and interchangeable this sort of music is. Yes, you can throw back a beer and get your pirate groove on to it, but there is very little staying power throughout Book of Legends. Yet, there will be plenty of people who love this for exactly what it is. An album of rum-soaked pirate-themed anthems with folk and power metal elements. If that’s your jam, then you’re going to be satisfied with Red Rum’s latest offering.

Red Rum – Book of Legends Track Listing:

1. Book Of Legends
2. Drunk And Disorderly
3. 50 Gallons of Ale
4. We Pirates
5. Liar’s Dice
6. Greatest Drink (In All the Land)
7. Rekt
8. Captain’s Command
9. Drunken Pirates (Ahoy!)
10. Make Port Drink Port


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Red Rum - Book Of Legends (Trollzorn)
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