Album Review: Red Method – For the Sick (Depraved Records)

Spawned by the remains of ‘Meta-stasis’ and ‘The Defiled’, Red Method will release their debut album ‘For the Sick’ on February 28th 2020 Depraved Records.

The album’s theme is based around the idea of mental health. Each track represents a different aspect of mental health and its trials and tribulations.

If there is one thing you can almost guarantee about their debut, is that Red Method aren’t going to hold back. This has been building and building, like a worrisome knot in the stomach or head leading to an eventual eruption of destructive devastation.

Delivering a masterclass of heavy, For the Sick has crossover appeal. In that it leans as much towards a more radio friendly level of heavy while also having a deep enough savage edge to turn the heads of those who like the nastier side of metal.

The balance could be off, as the two seem in conflict with each other, but Red Method don’t struggle to keep things together. You only need to hear the groove-fire of Split to understand that. A chaotic and brutal track that is surprisingly catchy.

With a percussion section that is simply on another level, the meanest and meatiest of riffs all backed up by vocals that can rip and tear while also lifting the soul, Red Method have it all. Not only that but it’s clear that they’re willing to give it their all on For the Sick. Tracks like Messiah, Ideology of the Sick, Adriel and My Psychosis are the brutalising proof of this.

They’ve more than delivered on their debut and with this level of energy and intent, there’s little to stop this band rising to even higher levels. If you’ve had enough by the end, a well done cover of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box is the icing on the cake.

Red Method – For the Sick Full Track Listing:

1. Cycle Of Violence
2. Split
3. Messiah
4. The Narcissist’s Prayer
5. Ideology Of The Sick
6. Adriel
7. Euphoria Of Transformation
8. My Psychosis
9. The Absent
10. Heart Shaped Box


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Red Method - For the Sick (Century Media Records)
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