Album Review: Red Fang – Arrows (Relapse Records)

Red Fang, the beloved Portland-based “riff-heavy” rock band, return with their highly-anticipated new album, ‘Arrows’ set for release on 4th June 2021 via Relapse Records.

We’ve waited what feels like forever for this. In reality it’s been 5 years but such is the joy that Red Fang bring when they release new music, any length of time is too long.

If you’re familiar with Red Fang then you can pretty much relax. Assured that this band don’t do bad albums. Hell, they don’t do anything below great and with Arrows, they’ve hit the highs of their past while also having forward momentum. This is Red Fang but a Red Fang still capable of experimenting and challenging conventions. Even if they just so happen to be their own.

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Cold effects, echoing and gruff vocals, the strum of a disconnected guitar… Take it Back is a weird intro/start. It does bleed nicely into Unreal Estate where Red Fang almost seem to power up and bring some thickness with the guitars while still proving to have that innate ability to be so damn catchy.

Catchy as fuck riffs that are ever present in the title track, alongside some Red Fang trademark heavy and wild outbursts. Before My Disaster comes out very hard and very fast, Two High is a cacophony of blistering noise but with a ton of groove and Anodyne showcases some chilled noise.

Such a huge amount of variety and such a huge amount of reasons to rock out. Red Fang have set a blistering pace for themselves with the first half of Arrows. Though, fear not, they’re not about to let it slip in the second half.

Once the headache inducing static, feedback and unfiltered drum beat of Interop-Mod (a very weird intermission – so to speak) is out of the way, it’s Fonzi Scheme and Days Collide that bring it. The former is an inordinate clash of captivating riffs, commanding vocals and bass/drum groove. The latter is filthy and slow but with bursts of energy to pick things up when they seem to be going off the deep end. Both very different sounding tracks but both filled to the brim with everything that makes Red Fang so desirable.

If you’re missing a bit of frenzied noise and groove though, Rabbits in Hive has what you need. Although there can be no complaints about Why and Dr. Owl as both tracks have bundles of energy and riffs to go crazy over. Before Red Fang’s big return comes to an end in spectacular but predictable fashion. Predictable because Red Fang have been on fire throughout this record and spectacular because it’s Red Fang tossing riffs and hooks out like their lives depended on it.

It’s good to have them back.

Red Fang – Arrows Full Track Listing:

1. Take it Back
2. Unreal Estate
3. Arrows
4. My Disaster
5. Two High
6. Anodyne
7. Interop-Mod
8. Fonzi Scheme
9. Days Collide
10. Rabbits in Hive
11. Why
12. Dr. Owl
13. Funeral Coach


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Red Fang - Arrows (Relapse Records)
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