Album Review: Ravaged Spleen Outburst – The Church of Anemia (Self Released)

Ravaged Spleen Outburst started as a one-man slamming brutal death metal band with its debut release “Lymph Node” EP, but quickly started to shift its sound to a more expansive and melodic direction with the debut album “The Church of Anemia”. All instruments, vocals, drum and keyboard programming were done by A. Đ., who also recorded, mixed and mastered the album.

Hailing from Belgrade, Serbia their new album will be released on November 19th 2018.

Ravaged Spleen Outburst 2

With a bit more flair and thought, Ravaged Spleen Outburst have all the hallmarks of extreme music but throw in some unexpected but welcome melodic elements. Moments that make you sit up and take notice as the savagery of the heaviness tries to keep you pinned down.

A mix of disgusting vocals, technical riffing and hard-hitting drums opens the album with Deformities of the Saints that continues perfectly into The Ones Who See, although the vocals do reach a new level of horror here.

Cult of the Vein then takes things in a fresher direction. With synth/keyboards that have all the hallmarks of an 80’s action flick before kicking into fast and exciting heaviness. However, this is a track that keeps you on your toes as it twists and turns like a frightened rat. Utterly brilliant.



By comparison, the wicked and chunky heaviness of Breeding the Bleeding almost sounds ordinary!

As the album goes on, each song gets that little longer and that little bit darker culminating in the disjointed riffing of Desecrated Frescos and the baiting Anointing of the Sick. The latter comes in at just over 8 minutes, giving Ravaged Spleen Outburst plenty of time to show of a myriad of riffing skills, melodic highs and brutal lows. It’s a fantastic finish to a really good album.

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Ravaged Spleen Outburst – The Church of Anemia Full Track Listing:

1. Deformities of the Saints
2. The Ones Who See
3. Cult of the Vein
4. Breeding the Bleeding
5. Desecrated Frescos
6. Anointing of the Sick

The album will be a free download via Bandcamp on release day.


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Ravaged Spleen Outburst - The Church of Anemia (Self Released)
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