Album Review: Qrixkuor – Poison Palinopsia (Dark Descent Records/Invictus Productions)

The recrudescent scourge of Qrixkuor returns to unleash its debut full-length album, entitled Poison Palinopsia. The album is set to be released in conspiracy with Invictus Productions in Europe and Dark Descent Records in the United States on July 9th, 2021.

Two tracks long but coming in at over 48 minutes, Qrixkuor’s aim is to drag you deep into the dark depths they inhabit. Where unending horrors will turn you into a gibbering and dribbling wreck of a person. This isn’t hell, this is something far worse and Poison Palinopsia is the soundtrack to madness. This is music that transcends standard genres but if you want to isolate it and pigeon hole it, then at its core it sits in the black/extreme metal world.

The darkest, coldest and most horrifying corner of that world.

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The wailing wave of noise hits hard, sending the air from the body and leaving everyone who was hit by it, choking and gasping. Qrixkuor seem barely in control here, the guitars spray vile and noxious noise out liberally, the vocals spew out hateful and horrible demonic words and the percussion adds the weights that force you to sink deeper into their thick mire. When the tempo does shift to something slower, it just feels all the more doom-laden and depressing.

There are no real shifts in tone, it’s hellish from beginning to end. However, considering it is just two tracks that shouldn’t surprise. What does though, is the fact that both tracks flow so well. There are no obvious moments where a segment ends and another begins, leaving you wondering why they weren’t separate tracks. Both tracks sound exactly the right length as this is a journey, one that demands your unequivocal surrender.

There really isn’t that much of a choice in the end.

Qrixkuor – Poison Palinopsia Full Track Listing:

1. Serpentine Susurrus – Mother’s Abomination
2. Recrudescent Malevolence – Mother’s Illumination


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Qrixkuor - Poison Palinopsia (Dark Descent Records/Invictus Productions)
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