Album Review: Pyramaze – Epitaph (AFM Records)

In 2020, Pyramaze signed with AFM Records for the release of their sixth studio album, Epitaph. This is the third album with their current line-up and Pyramaze continues to fuse their signature meld of memorable melodies, powerful riffs and soaring catchy vocals to keep listeners coming back for more – pleasing both old and new fans alike. This upcoming release will prove to be their most melodic and accessible creation to date, featuring guest appearances by Brittney Slayes of Unleash the Archers, and former Pyramaze singers Matt Barlow and Lance King.

Epitaph will be released on November 13th, 2020.

Plying a trade focused on progressive power metal, Pyramaze build anticipation with the poignant intro that is the title track. Before coming down hard and heavy with the epically excellent A Stroke of Magic, the starry-eyed wonder of Steal My Crown and lavish instrumentation of Knights in Shining Armour. Undoubtably progressive metal and unashamedly power metal, Pyramaze showcase a prolific understanding of how to marry the two styles.

Bird of Prey sees Pyramaze take their foot off the gas for a powerful melodic offering before Your Last Call shows off some of this band’s more eclectic stylings. The jagged rhythm, illuminating chorus and epic guitar solo are very memorable.

No complaints either about the gigantic sounding symphonic hits of Particle and splendid melodies of Indestructible. However, it’s Transcendence that really gets the blood pumping thanks to the Brittney Slayes of Unleash the Archers killing it with guest vocals.

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It’s a tough ask for Pyramaze to follow that but they certainly give it a good go with the energetic Final Hour and morose World Forgone. Before calling time in massively epic style with The Time Traveller. A monumental progressive effort that brings back previous Pyramaze vocalists for guest spots while running a complex gambit of metal and rock elements. At 12+ minutes long, there’s nothing like this elsewhere on the album and it works spectacularly well as an outro.

Pyramaze – Epitaph Full Track Listing:

1. Epitaph
2. A Stroke of Magic
3. Steal My Crown
4. Knights in Shining Armour
5. Bird of Prey
6. Your Last Call
7. Particle
8. Indestructible
9. Transcendence (feat. Brittney Slayes)
10. Final Hour
11. World Foregone
12. The Time Traveller (feat. Matt Barlow, Lance King)


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Pyramaze - Epitaph (AFM Records)
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