Album Review: Pukewraith – Banquet of Scum (Blood Harvest)

Blood Harvest Records presents Pukewraith’s highly anticipated debut album, Banquet of Scum, on vinyl LP format. Originally released late last year, Pukewraith is a solo project of Brendan Dean, erstwhile vocalist/guitarist of Blood Harvest titans Gutvoid as well as a handful of other bands that currently includes Fumes, Soul Devourment, Wexler’s Prime, Alucard, and Simulcra.

If you’re already familiar with this release, there might not be an immediate appeal to return to the putridity of Pukewraith’s guttural extreme metal world. Aside from the obvious fact that as an album, it’s pretty damn strong overall. However, this vinyl version comes with a bonus track so there’s some more bang for your buck.

That track, Sunbound 2097 is the finale and finds Pukewraith’s Brendan Dean digging into his thrashier side and unleashing a cacophony of hellacious heavy noise. An extremely welcome addition to an album that features all manner of extreme sounds.

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From the filthy sound of Grime Fiend with its chunky tempo switches, to the garish speed and furious fire of Fleshmaster. Or how about the vomitus carnage of Cyclone of Maggots and the erudite example of extreme detail that is Mucklord? Pukewraith brings the noise and stands out from the crowd of extreme solo projects because of the impressive talents of its creator.

While it’s not game-changing music when it comes to the extreme side of metal, it is a notable debut release that is well worth the time and money of fans of heavy music.

Pukewraith – Banquet of Scum Track Listing:

1. Grime Fiend
2. 110 Crushed
3. Fleshmaster
4. Mire Stench
5. Cyclone Of Maggots
6. Cruisin’ With The Gravesmasher
7. Mucklord
8. Sunbound 2097


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Pukewraith - Banquet of Scum (Blood Harvest)
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