Album Review: Psychic Hit – Solutio (Seeing Red Records)

Bay Area band Psychic Hit ‘hit’ the scene with a demo in 2018 that showed off a knack for channelling the sounds of ’70s hard rock and proto-metal, and now they’re set to release their debut album, Solutio, on July 9th, 2021 via Seeing Red Records.

Coming out of the gate with a 70’s rock sound, Psychic Hit immediately transport you back in time with Livin’ On. It’s a solid blast of proto-metal that gets the blood pumping even if it’s hardly the most exciting of introductions.

It’s with the groove of Constellation that Psychic Hit really get the juices flowing though and an extended guitar solo sticks in the memory. Whereas the cold and eerie start of Orocovis has a psychedelic twang to it before the band deliver one of their most chilled out offerings yet. Exciting and interesting, the burst of energy that Left for Dead exudes is the perfect pick-me-up afterwards. It is a great, straight-forward hard rock number that oozes 70’s vibes.

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Folkish melody is not what you expect at this stage but it’s what you get with the first few minutes of The Hand of Fate. Although it will transform into the band’s most progressive sounding effort so far and after such a mind-fuck of an effort, it’s nice to have the album go out with a rocking bang with California Burnin’.

Shake those hips, bang that head and get transported back time. If that sounds like fun, you know what do you.

Psychic Hit – Solutio Full Track Listing:

1. Livin’ On
2. Constellation
3. Orocovis
4. Left For Dead
5. The Hand Of Fate
6. California Burnin’


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Psychic Hit - Solutio (Seeing Red Records)
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