Album Review: Process Of Guilt – Black Earth (Bleak Recordings/Division Records)

Black Earth is the new album from extreme/death metal band, Process of Guilt. Due to be released on September 22nd via Bleak Recordings & Division Recordings.

Black Earth 1

A crushing behemoth of an album, the five tracks that make up Black Earth are a lesson in harshness & despair. Heavy but with serious amounts of rhythm, tempo-changes & riffs.

(No) Shelter’s eruption of groove heavy riffing & ripping vocals is very Gojira like but Process of Guilt quickly find their own feet with a tempo change that slows things down. Bringing an absolutely crushing beat that slows down even more into the fuzzy sound of feedback & melody.

The last few minutes just blaze with doomy fury, heaviness to smash a hole in the earth.

The same fuzzy guitar feedback gets Feral Ground off & rolling. The excitement building & leading to a crescendo of noisy drum beats & inhumane guitar riffs. While just as abusively heavy, it makes a lot of impact thanks to the bitterness of the melody.

The force of unadulterated groove & rhythm that constantly comes at you is something you’ll remember long after the shockingly good title track, Black Earth & huge finale, Hoax play out.

The former gets down low & dirty with its groove & electrically-charged riffs while the latter drips atmospheric doom levels of heaviness. They feed the beast that demands heavier & aggressive metal resulting in a seriously satisfied feeling.

Black Earth 2

Process of Guilt – Black Earth Full Track Listing:

1. (No) Shelter
2. Feral Ground
3. Servant
4. Black Earth
5. Hoax

You can pick up the album & earlier work now over on Bandcamp & over on Bleak Recordings website. Find out more about Process of Guilt on their websiteFacebook, Instagram & Twitter!


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Process Of Guilt - Black Earth (Bleak Recordings/Division Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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