Album Review: Primus – The Desaturating Seven (ATO Records)

The Desaturating Seven is the ninth studio album from funk-prog-rock oddities, Primus. The band’s first new original music since 2011 & sees the classic lineup reunited for the first time since 1995.

Primus 2

A concept album loosely based around the children’s book, The Rainbow Goblins (Ul de Rico). It’s seven tracks of experimental punk-funk that is all about the bass. If you’re not familiar with Primus then The Desaturating Seven will certainly be a surprise. There has been nothing this year like this which in itself is a good thing.

The distortion that gives The Valley a rusted sound is instantly intriguing. It leads into deep bass rumblings & some spacey effects-heavy vocals. It’s such an unusual sounding piece of music, so off-kilter & disorienting but still so appealing.

Things get even stranger with The Seven, a track that really lets the funk-prog fly. A groovy & sultry number that shows off the fun side of Primus. The band sound like they’re having fun which makes it fun to hear!

For all it’s bassy goodness, The Desaturating Seven doesn’t ignore the other instruments (guitar & drums. They play second fiddle but they also add the funky groove layers. Look no further then the hypnotic stop-start beat of The Trek as proof.

Music this mind-bending has to be kept short & Primus do exactly that. Only 7 tracks long, it’s a blur of experimental sounds & hazy effects. What can anyone say about a track like The Dream or The Storm? The former sounding like a jam session on an alien ship while the latter turns bass plucking into an art form.

An absolute wonderful oddity of an album that shows just how much can be done with a bass guitar. It also helps that Les Claypool has a some deliciously unique vocals that are infectious in their quality. Ending as it begun with rusted effects, deep throbbing melody & distorted vocals.

Primus 1

Primus – The Desaturating Seven Full Track Listing:

1. The Valley
2. The Seven
3. The Trek
4. The Scheme
5. The Dream
6. The Storm
7. The Ends?

Check it out for yourself via Apple Music below.


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Primus - The Desaturating Seven (ATO Records)
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