Album Review: Prezir – As Rats Devour Lions (Godz ov War Productions)

The Milwaukee black metal group Prezir are releasing their first full length album, As Rats Devour Lions, on September 17th 2018 via Godz ov War Productions. The follow up to 2017 debut EP, Contempt.

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The roughness that surrounds Prezir’s debut album is one of those things that listeners will either love or hate. Fans of an early black metal sound will certainly fancy the release as it has no pomp or ceremony about it. This is harsh, ear-bleedingly crusted black metal with one goal, to remind us that there are still some bands who have no interest in melody or rhythm.

Take that as you will. As Rats Devour Lions is visceral in its attack and over 8 tracks, Prezir go for the jugular.

That doesn’t mean it’s a wall of noisy mess though. Once the mind settles in amongst the sharpened edges of the record, certain tracks standout. Ideologue Alchemy is one such track that throws out a fetid guitar solo and Serpents in the House of Ra is another that delivers dark intensity that threatens to boil over into chaos.

There’s no escaping the obvious though and that is this is an album that will only appeal to a select few. If you’re part of that then you’re going to enjoy the uncultivated bleakness of Prezir’s sound. It’s a damn good album, it’s just not a great album.

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Prezir – As Rats Devour Lions Full Track Listing:

1. As Rats Devour Lions
2. Ideologue Alchemy
3. Janicari
4. Dar Al-Harb
5. Serpents in the House of Ra
6. Hamatsa Death Ritual
7. Plagiarised Infamy
8. Oedipus Context

You can order the album via Godz ov War Productions here and digitally via Prezir’s Bandcamp here. Find out more by checking out the band’s Facebook Page.



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Prezir - As Rats Devour Lions (Godz ov War Productions)
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