Album Review: Power From Hell – Blood ’n’ Spikes (Dying Victims Productions)

In 2001 the Brazilian three-piece Power From Hell made their presence known. Their 2004 debut album ‘The True Metal’ was followed by several more full-lengths and EPs. Now they return with a mini-album called ‘Blood ’n’ Spikes’. The album contains 5 new tracks as well as a Judas Priest cover. It will be released on February 19th 2018 via Dying Victims Productions.

Power 2

The gurgling vocals, thrashy riffs & rolling drum beat of Hell’s Gang Bang doesn’t just come out of the gate at speed. Oh no, it comes out…pisses all over the gate, sets it on fire then flips off the crowd before sauntering away with a cigarette hanging out of its mouth.

A ballsy opener, it’s not quite death metal, not quite thrash & not quite black, it does incorporate some elements of classic NWOBHM bands though. A rough edge actually makes Blood ‘n’ Spikes a more exciting listen. It fits, this isn’t music that needs high production. It needs to be raw, it needs to be bloodying & uncomplicated.

Only six tracks long (one of which is a cover), it’s a blur of disgusted vocals, screeching riffs and darkened bass. A lot of noise but not a lot of excitement though. While the opener certainly makes you sit up & take notice, Altars of the Black Rites & Obscure Creation can at best be called ‘solid’.

Swallowed by Darkness & Into the Void of Death brings things back around though with a brutal level of metal that really reaches out & touches the edge of the darkness that surrounds the world. The raw nastiness of the drumming is truly born from the fiery pits of hell.

The EP ends with a cover of Judas Priest’s Freewheel Burning, a great track that Power From Hell just about manage to make their own. It’s not a touch on the original though thanks to the massive difference in vocals. The horrifying throaty gurgles just not hitting the mark.

Power 1

Power From Hell – Blood ‘n’ Spikes Full Track Listing:

1. Hell’s Gang Bang
2. Altars of the Black Rites
3. Obscure Creation
4. Swallowed by Darkness
5. Into the Void of Death
6. Freewheel Burning (Judas Priest Cover)

You can order the mini-album over on Bandcamp & via Dying Victims Productions here. Find out more about Power From Hell over on Facebook and watch some of their videos on YouTube.


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Power From Hell - Blood ’n’ Spikes (Dying Victims Productions)
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