Album Review: Possessor – Damn the Light (APF Records)

Hopped up on horror and forged in the fires of hell comes the raging new LP from the 3-headed proto-metal beast that is Possessor. Damn the Light will be released on the 30th October 2020 via APF Records!

Having made a deal with the devil it would seem; Possessor step out of the darkness of 2020 with handfuls of flesh and blood in the form of Damn the Light. An album that was written entirely from the band’s homes during the Covid-19 lockdown situation.

A band with horror in their hearts, the rough and raw take that Possessor deal out is so fitting for the content they have on offer here. A 10-track ode to the hellish side of life portrayed in their proto-metal style. The opening triple of Bloodsuckers, Coffin Fit and Take it to the Grave filled with ringing percussion, noisy riffs, filthy groove and violent jabs of vocal barbs.



The chunkier riffs and discombobulated vocals of The Strangeness is a particular highlight but it’s the racing franticness of Razorback that gets the blood pumping. A reference to an obscure 80’s Aussie horror, the bassy drop doesn’t distract from the urgency the track has. You’ll feel like you’re running for your life from a giant, flesh-hungry boar.

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The second half of the album begins just as strongly with the sinister and beastly title track. The dark depths that Possessor drop to, truly outstanding and a late guitar solo kicks all kinds of ass. Fresh Hell is a mean cacophony of drums and guitars, Confession is an ominous intermission and Scalpel has a bloody tongue in cheek feel to it.

Damn the Light comes to an end with Return to Slaughter High, a grimy and fuzzy rhythmic closer.

It ain’t pretty but who cares!? Few band’s could put out something with such quality under such difficult circumstances.

Possessor – Damn the Light Full Track Listing:

1. Bloodsuckers
2. Coffin Fit
3. Take it To the Grave
4. The Strangeness
5. Razorback
6. Damn the Light
7. Fresh Hell
8. Confession
9. Scalpel
10. Return to Slaughter High


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Possessor – Damn the Light (APF Records)
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