Album Review: pMad – Who Why Where What (Self Released)

‘Who Why Where What’ is the debut album from Irish post punk, gothic rock artist pMad. The solo music project of Paul Dillon. The album is an introspective look at the artist himself, which acknowledges his failings along with the broader look at how we are destroying our planet and ourselves. It will be released worldwide digitally and on CD on November 29th, 2022.

Featuring eight original tracks and five remixes of some of those tracks, pMad’s debut album is certainly packed with imagination. Especially when you consider the music that pMad delivers is unusual, to say the least. Combining goth-rock (think The Cult or the Mission), hard rock and post punk to create a mish-mash of captivating alternative rock.

It can be dark, it can be ominous, it can be weird, but it’s aways interesting. The medley of bassy thrums, melodic effects and eerie vocals that give off a pop-vibe on opener Who Am I? is one hell of an introduction to the album.

Just as anthemic, if not a bit stranger, is Broken. The monotone vocals, post-ring of guitars in the distant and moments of flair really sell this one. Before Medicine shows of a gloomier and moodier level of catchy eccentricity and Except Me delivers a more upbeat tone. Albeit still dripping in pMad’s alternative rock style.

It’s certainly a challenging record and you really can’t predict what will come next. Case in point, Sisters. A track that grooves like nothing less on the album. You can move to the choppy rhythm.

With Youth, pMad really goes off the rails as it’s got pop-punk vibes, but it does put a smile on the face, as it’s very reflective. The melody of Horror is something quite special as this turns out to be a track with airiness. Before the original tracks wrap up with a return to the moodier guitar tones and peculiar vocal tempo on I Am. Eclectic and eccentric, to say the least.

It’s remix time now as pMad offers up five variations to tracks already heard. Namely, Who Am I?, Youth, Sisters, Horror and I Am. Tracks that feature fuzzy electronica, dance-inducing rhythms and industrial beats. Not exactly necessary listening but certainly offering up different takes.

It’s an interesting debut album from pMad. At times, it’s very clever. At others, it seems nonsensical. Yet, no matter what side of the fence you sit on, it certainly grabs the attention. Considering this is a solo project and it has only been around for a year, it’s an impressive offering. It will be exciting to see how pMad grows from this.

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pMad - Who Why Where What (Self Released)
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