Album Review: Pleasure of Mutilate – Premonition (CDN Records)

Pleasure of Mutilate share much in common with early Sepultura and, fittingly, call South America home. Their brand new album, Premonition, is all about Brutal Death Metal; one that combines late 80s death-thrash, early-to-mid 90s Floridian death metal, and a hint of contemporary slam. The album will be released April 6th 2018 via CDN Records.

Premonition 2

The 10 tracks that make up Premonition certainly can be called brutal. They can certainly be called death metal and they certainly combine different decades of extreme. The heaviness of the riffs, remorseless drumming & screeching vocals hit a lot of the right notes.

Track after track is spat out at a ferocious pace & trying to piece together a coherent sound is a tough ask. The production buries a few important elements along the way. Often the vocals are far too muted being hidden by the guitars and the solos aren’t prominent enough.

This tends to mean the likes of Circle & Devastacion Apocalyptic sound repetitive unless you strain to pick out the other elements.

Pleasure of Mutilate are a talent in that they understand rhythm is as important as bone-crunching heaviness. The likes of Destroy All Human and Revalation are structured well & far easier to get along with. The best moment comes on the exceedingly good title track when the tempo slows and it goes dark & deep before some guitar technicality is fired out.

The album doesn’t overstay it’s welcome thankfully, wrapping up within 26 minutes. A good thing as there are few surprises. Lord of Blood is a heavy, rhythmic finish that delivers an ending that thrills before a short bit of off-kilter guitar strumming ends the album.

An odd final track, it’s pretty pointless so best to see this more as a 9-track release.

Premonition 1

Pleasure of Mutilate – Premonition Full Track Listing:

1. Blind Faith
2. Circle
3. Sumeria
4. Destroy All Human
5. Devastacion Apocalyptic
6. Bing Bang
7. Premonition
8. Revalation
9. Lord of Blood
10. End

You can order the album via CDN Records here and find out more via Facebook.


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Pleasure of Mutilate - Premonition (CDN Records)
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  • Personally, I like it, it’s a good job, a little different from the classic brutal death, the riffs, the handling of different voices give an excellent touch


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