Album Review: Phendrana – Sanctum Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (Sickness Records)

Phendrana are a post-black metal band from Mexico City. Their debut album is called Sanctum: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi and will be released on January 8th, 2018 via Sickness Records.

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It is a conceptual album about a Sanctum, an ethereal place where lost souls find shelter. The album is divided in 7 parts: A description of the Sanctum, 3 transitions from different souls to it, 2 stories about the past lives of Sanctum inhabitants, and an ode to the night.

Opening with the description of the Sanctum, Phendrana jab their post-black metal flag in deeply. There is no shyness here, they want you to know just what they have to offer & with a 9-minute track that swoops with rich rock riffs, bursts of blackened metal heaviness & surprisingly sweet melodic moments. It’s a breathless start.

The peacefulness of The Threshold calms before Ethereum dials the blackness up. A thrilling cacophony of crunching riffs, brain echoing drums & roaring vocals. When it does drop into a quieter style, it wears an ethereal veil. Haunting female vocals & soft guitar strumming.

The break in between these epics add much to the story being told. Barely going over 2 minutes, they flesh out an already complete sounding record.

After the eerie sound of The Dream plays out Where Ages Meet continues the softer melodic side of Phendrana to memorable results. The guitar strumming & flashes of passion is what really sticks in the mind.

One final haunting & atmospheric track relaxes the mind before the final black metal heaviness of Gjenganger attacks. Only lasting a few minutes, it’s a reminder that Phendrana have more than just atmospheric melody in their pockets.

An absolutely sublime effort.

Phendrana 2

Phendrana – Sanctum: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi Full Track Listing:

1. I-Sanctum
2. II-The Threshold
3. III-Ethereum
4. IV-The Dream
5. V-Where Ages Meet
6. VI-The Bog
7. VII-Gjenganger

You can order the album over on Bandcamp & find out more about Phendrana on Facebook.


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Phendrana - Sanctum Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (Sickness Records)
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