Album Review: Petlib. – Maker (Beth Shalom Records)

Petlib. (formerly known as Pet Library) are a three-piece experimental heavy post rock band from London, UK. Having started in 2016 as a two-piece emo project—releasing an album and several EP’s—the band are pleased to announce the expansion of both their lineup and their sound on forthcoming new album Maker, set for release on 9th August 2019 via Beth Shalom Records.

Comprised of original members George Milner (drums/vocals) and Tim Andersson (guitar/keys/vocals), Petlib. is now completed by Kieran Alexander (bass/keys/vocals) on new album Maker—a concept record exploring the power possessed by a higher being, and the moral choices that have to be made when assessing how our actions affect those we are in control of.


It’s not clear just what you’re listening too when Petlib. get Maker started with dayseven. The subtle melody and quiet vocals are sad sounding and when it begins to pick up in volume, that sadness is only heightened. It’s an interesting start.

Reflection then arrives and sees Petlib. begin to unveil themselves bit by bit. Increasing in tempo to showcase an excitable metal sound. The drums are loud, the guitars very wild and the vocals intensely heavy. The post vibes are strong with this one. Whereas Return is a very chaotic sounding track seeing the band jump and shift back and forth constantly as they throw in a bit of hardcore, punk and rock.

Still confused? It seems as though Petlib. might be too but out of that confusion comes some startling good music. Shell, being one of the more intensely heavy tracks on the album.

Then we have the noise that erupts from Wounds with the quietness followed by the slamming of guitars and drums. Or how about the unusual morose rhythm of Amnesia? Far from forgettable.

After giving us a wide array of short and different tracks, Petlib. change the formula up by dropping two long and expansive pieces of music to wrap up Maker. The first is Tyrant and shows scope in Petlib.’s imagination when it comes to telling a story. Very subtle while being demanding, it’s a complex listen.

The title track is just as unique but goes faster at times and is a bit more energetic even if it also has spoken word moments. It’s certainly unusual but it’s not unsettling, quite the opposite in fact.


Petlib. – Maker Full Track Listing:

1. dayseven.
2. Reflection
3. Return
4. Ache
5. Shell
6. Disintergrate
7. Wounds
8. Amnesia
9. Tyrant
10. Maker


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Petlib. - Maker (Beth Shalom Records)
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