Album Review: Party Cannon – Volumes Of Vomit (Gore House Productions)

Scottish party-slam legends Party Cannon are back with their putrefying and long awaited second album Volumes of Vomit which is set for release on the 14th January 2022 via Gore House Productions.

You’re going to hear this album being described as ‘IQ lowering’ which would sound like an insult for most bands. However, Party Cannon are not most bands and the suggestion that listening to this guttural party slam sickness is going to make you stupider is high praise for this group.

Partially because they revel in that sort of behaviour. Partially because they know exactly what they’re doing but mostly because it’s a lot of fun to just let the blood, sweat and vomit fly sometimes.

Kicking off with a barrage of filth, Tactical Chunder is near 7-minutes of screeching and screaming heaviness. An ear-bleeding, head-splitting and sinew-snapping blast of slamming death metal.

Grass Obliteration (Blazed and Confused) is more of a gut punch. One hard enough to bend you over, coughing and crying, as Waking the Cadaver’s Don Campan adds his ferocious vocal style to make things even more painful. Side note – love the use of Peep Show sampling in this track.

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He’s not the only guest to appear on this album though. Straight after that, Exhumed’s Ross Sewage helps make Nauseating and Unpalatable one hell of an apt title. A track that is unyieldingly brutal but with some glorious rhythmic heaviness. Later, Andrew LoMastro of Cerebral Incubation aids Party Cannon in causing carnage on Electric Soldier Porygon. A track that is about Pokémon, if you can believe that. Although long term fans of the band won’t be too surprised by that and the fact that it’s a nauseating racket. In the best way possible though.

Around those tracks, Party Cannon will have you dreaming of summer with Naked Beach Frenzy. They’ll have you picturing the vivid imagery of a 60 Stone Threesome, where the nods to Jackass make sense and the battering dished out by the instruments is headache inducing.

They are sure to have most dreaming of circle pit mayhem with 1000% while also paying tribute to one of metal’s greatest frontmen/vocalists with I Believe in Dani Filth. The former is short, sharp, and meaty gold. Whereas the latter is unadulterated ridiculous slam with Party Cannon’s innate ability to amuse. Props for using that fantastic double J line at the start too.

Finally, it’s The Dirty Bubble. Which is either a reference to Spongbob Squarepants or a nasty sex act. Or maybe both. It’s Party Cannon after all. Take your pick, regardless, we’re looking at one last vomitus effort that has the all the muscles in your body tightening through the sheer force of the exertion.

There’s no sugar coating this… Volumes of Vomit is not for everyone. It is nasty, it is brutal, it is harsh and horrible. It is slam at its most unforgiving and refuses to offer any respite from a cacophony of noise. This is going to be very off-putting to many but, and this is an important but, Party Cannon are making music that pleases them first. If you happen to enjoy it, which we really did, that’s great. We’re talking about music to lose your shit too.

As well, this is their long-awaited second album and the growth in this band is astonishing. There’s nothing about this album that sounds amateurish. It’s a triumphant release that sees them refine what they do while still being as childishly brutal as ever.

It might be January, it might be a month of gym going, weight loss, booze-dropping and no merry-making plans. One listen of this and all that bollocks is going straight out the window in favour of joining one hell of a party. Just be careful of the pools of puke around the place.

Party Cannon – Volumes of Vomit Full Track Listing:

1. Tactical Chunder
2. Grass Obliteration (Blazed and Confused) (feat. Don Campan from Waking The Cadaver)
3. Nauseating and Unpalatable (feat. Ross Sewage from Exhumed)
4. Naked Beach Frenzy
5. 60 Stone Threesome
6. 1000%
7. Electric Soldier Porygon (feat. Andrew LoMastro from Cerebral Incubation)
8. I Believe In Dani Filth
9. The Dirty Bubble




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Party Cannon - Volumes Of Vomit (Gore House Productions)
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