Album Review: Paranorm – Empyrean (Redefining Darkness Records)

Formed in 2007, Paranorm is a progressive thrash/black/death metal band based in Uppsala, Sweden. Redefining Darkness will unleash the band’s newest release, the album ‘Empyrean’ on February 26th 2021.

With a burst of screaming and screeching guitars, Paranorm begin their new album off with frenzied energy. Critical Mass is a thumping and seething mass of heaviness, dissected by top drawer riffing and soloing. Something that continues into The Immortal Generation, this time the scathing death metal style vocals taking on a higher prominence. All while a flurry of intense guitar work lights up the senses, especially with the tempo shifts.

The progressive side of Paranorm emerges with the expansive detail of Edge of the Horizon. A track that is nearly 10 minutes in length and revels in delivering surprise after surprise. Be it intricate melodies, hyperactive guitar rhythm and groove-tinged hooks. It’s a stylish showcase of just what makes Paranorm stand out from the thrashing death pack.

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Their constant and consistent ability to surprise continues into the raging torrent of noise that flows from Intelligence Explosion and Cannibal. Both tracks proving to be riotous head-bangers. Before the title track has Paranorm leaning back into their progressive side with a side-helping of punchy and crunchy thrash.

The last two tracks, Lost Cause and Desolate Worlds (Distant Dimensions) are the solidification of this album’s metal quality. Paranorm continuing to do what they do so well, pump out thrilling head-banging riffs and solos. All with their intriguing way of layering in more detail than most would expect. It’ s a very satisfying listen.

Paranorm – Empyrean Full Track Listing:

1. Critical Mass
2. The Immortal Generation
3. Edge of The Horizon
4. Intelligence Explosion
5. Cannibal
6. Empyrean
7. Lost Cause
8. Desolate Worlds (Distant Dimensions)


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Paranorm - Empyrean (Redefining Darkness Records)
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