Album Review: Pâenil Era – Deviere (Self Released)

Formed in 2012 in Timişoara, Romania under the name Signatura Rerum, Pâenil Era serves as a music successor to Signatura Rerum. Conceptually representing something new, the name is an anagram of the Romanian words ‘Pâlnie Rea’, which translates to ‘Bad Funnel’. Symbolizing a broken or partly functional filter that takes in a flow of subconscious dark thoughts, it represents an attempt to connect with the subconscious and give a voice to the dark side of the psyche.

Having released two albums under the Signatura Rerum name (In Sfarsit … in 2013 and The Legend 1 in 2017), Pâenil Era will now release its debut album, Deviere (meaning – diversion) on March 17th, 2023.



Eschewing the ‘traditions’ of black metal, while simultaneously staying ‘trve’, Pâenil Era offer up a subjective and thought-provoking brand of heaviness with this new album. One that blends moving melodies with unrestrained coarseness and creates atmosphere without forcing it in.

The album features four tracks, and each is as deep and dark as the other. From the vastly melodic structure of The Tower, a track that eases the listener in, before a cacophony of bleak and brash noise take it in a more intense direction. Albeit, featuring a stunning display of instruments and vocals that make it more than the sum of all its individual parts.

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To The Hearth, a track that is much darker sounding, Pâenil Era dredging the River Styx to find the remains of the damned and using that horror to inspire a hellacious piece of melodious metal. Before The Wall expands on the instrumental areas of Pâenil Era’s sound with devilish riffs and chunky sounding drums and bass. The complete picture complimented by the garish vocal style, capable of stripping flesh from bone.

Finally, it’s The Tides and one more impressive showcase of Pâenil Era’s emotionally tinged black metal sound. Delivering a long-winded but captivating melody that transitions cleanly with abrasive heavy instruments becoming the focal point, Before the vocals arrive with blackened aplomb.

A thrilling experience with so many ups and downs. Pâenil Era have impressed here.

Pâenil Era – Deviere Track Listing:

1. The Tower
2. The Hearth
3. The Wall
4. The Tides


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Pâenil Era – Deviere (Self Released)
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