Album Review: [P.U.T] – We Are (Br)others (Cursed Monk Records)

[P.U.T] are 3 brothers living in Paris / Brussels. Who, since 1998 have been crafting a mix of machines vs guitars. Blending noise, sludge-metal, industrial and punk to create music that borrows from madness, emotion, heaviness and anger.

Personal and without concessions, their 6 albums, 8 maxis, 1 split CD, 4 live, a 7inch, a compilation of rarities, and more than 50 contributions to worldwide compilations shows the work they have put in.

On April 20th 2019 they will release their latest album, We Are (Br)Others via Cursed Monk Records.

[P.U.T] 2

It’s uncomfortably dark industrial that greets us on opener In Control. The horrid noises building in volume all while vocals whisper evil intentions in your ears. The fuzz of the effects is maddening but effective.

“I’m not crazy, I’m in control”

The repeated shouts of this line is followed by surprisingly meaty sludge heaviness. If you made it through the industrial heavy start, this is going to really put a smile on your face. It’s such a fantastic transition and really shows [P.U.T] have something special about them.

Masters of blending furiously dark and heavy industrial with metal, Nothing follows a similar path as the previous track. Although the high-pitched squeals are a little annoying.

It’s all part of [P.U.T]’s constant aim of leaving you guessing as to what might come next. They aim and they succeed as In Conflict’s punky pace once again surprises. In a good way though. There is no shortage of imagination here although it lacks a little consistency.

Keeping things off balance still, Down is a return to the sludge heavy sound of earlier albeit tinged with industrial heaviness. Something that really rears its head on Oppressed, a track that does little to excite.

The latter half of the album is a little more consistent with the excellently crunchiness of Angry. A track with all the power and oomph you’d expect from industrial sludge. One of the best tracks on the album.

It’s followed by Possessed, a similar heavy track but without the groove found in the previous. Here there’s a little more chaos but the repetition of the beat does begin to drag particularly as it’s 7 minutes long.

Finally we have Not Your Dog and its winding guitar riffs that have the ring of classic metal about it and Pain, one final industrial heavy track. Closing out a uniquely interesting album. It has its flaws but [P.U.T] are so in control it’s very hard to not enjoy.

[P.U.T] 1

[P.U.T] – We Are (Br)others Full Track Listing:

1. In Control
2. Nothing
3. In Conflict
4. Down
5. Oppressed
6. I Am Here
7. Angry
8. Possessed
9. Not Your Dog
10. Pain



The album can be ordered via Bandcamp here.

[P.U.T] - We Are (Br)others (Cursed Monk Records)
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