Album Review: Outright Resistance – Cargo Cult (Self Released)

Stevenage, UK Metalcore 5 piece Outright Resistance will release their new studio album ‘Cargo Cult’ in 2019. Set to land on 1st March, the album is the first to feature new frontman and vocalist James Jest.

‘Cargo Cult’ seeks to highlight the more negative aspects of modern life. Striving to capture your attention from start to finish with an unapologetic sense of urgency, this album attempts to explore personal themes such as mental health, isolation, and alienation as well as issues that impact us everyday as a society (social media and war for example).

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Speaking about ‘Cargo Cult’, the band say:

“In a time when media is consumed at a greater volume and faster pace than ever before, we want to challenge the notion of “disposable media” with ideas that we hope will keep listeners coming back for more.”

Nowadays we can kind of know what to expect when we see the word ‘metalcore’ and there is a valid argument that the sub-genre has become stale and uninteresting. It takes a lot for a metalcore band to stand out with their releases and Outright Resistance have a task and a half to be anything but a footnote in 2019.

Happily they rise up to meet the challenge with an album filled with crunching groove, hateful breakdowns and a agonising level of aggression. Gently is power personified and a sharp reminder of just how energetically heavy this music can be. It’s the perfect opener for a band wanting to put their boot-print on everyone’s face from the off.

Scripture then has a bit of fun grinding the heel in with a bouncy beat and some subtle electronica effects hidden away behind the fury of the drumming.

So far so good but hold onto your asses, Outright Resistance have a few extra tricks up their sleeves. Fang & Bone showcases some striking guitar rhythm and exciting vocal moments built around a hell of a chorus.

The furnace isn’t losing any of its intensity as The Wretched One, Lone Wolf and the title track are fired out in quick succession. Each strong enough to stand on their own but together are near-unstoppable.

The reality is that Outright Resistance are setting the bar for metalcore with Cargo Cult and other then a brief lull with Parthenocarpy, it’s wall to wall top drawer fury. Look no further then the unbelievable groove of Anger Dulls the Blade and pulverising weight of Error Incarnate’s riffs to be convinced of that.

This is a good one.

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Outright Resistance – Cargo Cult Full Track Listing:

1. Gently
2. Scripture
3. Fang & Bone
4. The Wretched One
5. Lone Wolf
6. Cargo Cult
7. Parthenocarpy
8. Anger Dulls the Blade
9. Holocene Epoch
10. Error Incarnate



Cargo Cult will be available to stream via Spotify, Google Play, iTunesBandcamp and Big Cartel. Find out more about Outright Resistance by checking out their Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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Outright Resistance – Cargo Cult (Self Released)
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