Album Review: Outrage AD – New Blood (Nosral Recording)

Outrage AD are a 90s Christian death-thrash metal band part of the First Wave of Christian Death Metal, among Mortification, Extol, etc.

Released in February 2018, New Blood is songs from their 1992 and 1993 demos re-recorded with some unreleased songs and a fresh new one.

Outrage AD 2

Beginning with the sound of something starting up, the rumbling machine picks up and reverberates before seamlessly transitioning into guitars. It’s a really well done intro and as God really kicks in, you’re instantly aware that Outrage AD might have a bit more then your standard thrashiness about them.

They really do, the guitar riffs are incredible and for all the old-school edge it has it doesn’t sound dated at all. After such a fantastic start Outrage AD then please the horror fans with short samples from the classic horror, White Zombie. Something that is littered throughout the album.

Mass of Life leans a bit more to a death metal sound with thrashy infusions before Embryo’s Death proves its worth with some of the best thrash riffs of the album. Such a head banger of a song. As is the title track’s raging heaviness, a track that shows off Outrage AD’s more aggressive side.

By time the longest and most inventive track, Dreams of Reality is reached, Outrage AD have easily proven themselves to be a hidden gem of a thrash/death band. This, the penultimate track, is steeped in darkness with these glorious flashes of guitar riffs amongst softer, more melodic playing. It’s unlike anything heard on the album so far but doesn’t seem too far removed from what the band have been doing to this point. It just confirms what a talent they are and how good an album New Blood is.

Outrage AD 1

Outrage AD – New Blood Full Track Listing:

1. God
2. Mass of Life
3. Embryo’s Death
4. Unreal Trip
5. New Blood
6. Environmental Deficiencies
7. Dreams Unto Reality
8. Death Crow



You can pick up New Blood now over on Bandcamp.


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Outrage AD - New Blood (Self Released)
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