Album Review: Ossaert – Pelgrimsoord (Argento Records)

Out of the cold meadows of the indoctrinated Dutch town of Zwolle comes the black metal entity Ossaert. After spawning one of the most haunting debut releases of 2020, the Dutch enigmatic, blasphemous presence is back with a stellar sophomore album that elevates the sound of the band to new, unreached levels.

Out on Argento Records, ‘Pelgrimsoord’ is a black metal manifestation of abandonment to perdition. Enjoy it on June 4th, 2021.

Four tomes of voracious black metal and meditative melodic passages, Ossaert thrash the senses. Only to bring them back from the brink with ghoulish and mournful beauty. A perfected amalgamation that has electrifying highs and disfiguring lows. Each track is a vicious but captivating wander through the mind of a band filled with revulsion towards anything hallowed. There is no doubting that they are fully invested in their brand of ruthlessness, so we should be too.

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They certainly make it easy, especially if the extreme side of metal is what you enjoy. Ossaert bring the extreme, it just so happens to have a more ‘emotive’ edge. Atmosphere and melody but not the focus by any stretch. Often used to move things in a lonelier direction and adding more fuel to the inferno that is already out of control.

For 40 minutes, Ossaert’s Pelgrimsoord enthrals and that’s not always something you can say about black metal. It might be split into four tracks but it’s an album that needs a full listen. Well worth it too.

Ossaert – Pelgrimsoord Full Track Listing:

1. De Geest en de Vervoering
2. De Val en de Beroering
3. De Nacht en de Verdwijning
4. De Dag en de Verschijning


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Ossaert - Pelgrimsoord (Argento Records)
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