Album Review: Orme/Wreaths – Convocation Upon The Ruins (Trepanation Recs/Inverted Grim-Mill Recs)

In opposition to Orme’s widely acclaimed debut double album, the Hertfordshire based drone metal band dubbed “the UK’s slowest power trio” follow up with something of a side-step, putting away the distortion pedals and drums for new explorations into meditative ambient drones. Joining them on this split album release is Northumberland resident, experimental noise artist and bowed mandolin player Wreaths. Convocation Upon The Ruins brings together two daring and boundary pushing underground experimental visionaries, each with their distinct sounds and approaches, yet cut from similar influences and desires.

Convocation Upon The Ruins will be released on May 3rd digitally, with a CD version coming from Inverted Grim-Mill Recs and a cassette version coming from Trepanation Recs.



If you were as mesmerised by what Orme did with their self-titled debut double album as we were, then you’re in for a bloody great time here. Especially as the second part of this album also features the incredible expressiveness of Wreaths.

Take a deep breath, we’re going in.

Orme handle the first two tracks, and if you need to know one thing about this band, it is the fact that everything they do is big. Even when it comes from a more meditative place like They Extended Into The Sky Forever. A 14+ minute opener that makes the use of a word like ‘experimental’ seem like an incredible understatement.

Which it is, but that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if you know your drone. What does, is the fact that this highly ambient affair is coming from Orme, and it’s a very patient experience that challenges so many expectations. As the best types of drone sounds often do. Does this sit amongst the best? Come on, it’s drone, and beauty is the eye of the beholder.

This, like everything else on this album, will polarise.

The Isle Of Sleepless Tongues might be one naysayers can find more to enjoy with though. Mainly because this one is much more melodic, feels more fluid, and hums with a different kind of vibrancy. It’s bloody weird, because of course it is, but this one is that little more effective. The growing intensity of the ambience is very cool.

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Orme aren’t done yet though, as they team up with Wreaths for Through the Fog They Came. If aural discomfort is your jam, then this track is going to give you everything you want. The dread is palpable here.

Wreaths now takes over for the remainder of the album. Bringing a darkly epic soundscape to the forefront with Never to Them. This track wraps around the mind like a death shroud, but never feels suffocating. Then, there is Sediment Bodies, and Wreaths continuing to showcase a blasé attitude to the mental toll this kind of musical ambience has.

Yet, it’s so compelling, there is no running away now. Not when something as sweeping as Endings in Smoke and in Embers exists. This isn’t even the most varied of experiences, but each track feels wholly unique. Which means Mer could only ever deliver one final piece of distressing atmospheric intensity. Even being the shortest track of all, the price it demands is a high one.

You can stop holding your breath now.

Orme/Wreaths – Convocation Upon The Ruins Track Listing:

1. Orme – They Extended Into The Sky Forever
2. Orme – Isle Of Sleepless Tongues
3. Orme + Wreaths – Through The Fog They Came
4. Wreaths – Never To Them
5. Wreaths – Sediment Bodies
6. Wreaths – Endings In Smoke And In Embers
7. Wreaths – Mer


OrmeBandcamp | Facebook | Instagram
Wreaths: Bandcamp | Facebook
Labels: Trepanation | Inverted Grim-Mill


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Orme/Wreaths – Convocation Upon The Ruins (Trepanation Recs/Inverted Grim-Mill Recs)
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