Album Review: Oracle – Beyond Omega (Camp Yeti)

Due to be released on July 28th 2017 via Camp Yeti, Beyond Omega is the debut album from extreme metal band, Oracle.

Oracle 1

A super twisty guitar start to Aeons of Madness rolls into a crushing death metal beat & guttural vocals. A strong opener, it’s got some catchy hooks that grab the attention.

There Will be Blood ups the intensity with some fantastic groove & hardcore drumming. Short & to the point, it’s exactly what you want from death metal. The way it flows into the title track, Beyond Omega, is fantastic. It doesn’t give even a moment to catch your breath. This is constant throughout the album but each track sounds & feels different.

Oracle know how to bring the noise but still make their music so compelling to listen too. Be it the complexity of the riffs, the massive hooks, the blasting drum beats or the pissed off vocal work. This is metal that demands every moment of your attention.

By the Hands of Aestrea adds extra strings to the band’s bow by adding some unexpected keyboard melody to the mix. It’s a surprising addition & alongside two absolutely stunning (but short) solos it stands out as the best song on the album!

The thumping chug of On the Wings of a Martyr continues the exciting variety found throughout Beyond Omega. Just over the halfway mark it seems as though Oracle can do no wrong. There isn’t a whole host of originality here but the band are absolute pros at this.

Even the tracks that don’t quite stick in the mind as well (Beneath the Crimson Veil, The Cleansing) still have so much energy & groove to them that you’ll be head-banging along regardless.

This excellent album wraps up with the longest track, Blood Stained Epitaph. A spoken word/piano intro drops into a killer breakdown getting the body moving instantly. As a finale it feels very ‘final’, a sense of the epic but with one of the albums best choruses. It’s a slamming finish to one of the best groove metal releases of 2017.

Oracle 2

Oracle – Beyond Omega Full Track Listing:

1. Aeons of Madness
2. There will be Blood
3. Beyond Omega
4. Nocturnal Creatures
5. By the Hands of Aestrea
6. On the Wings of a Martyr
7. Beneath the Crimson Veil
8. Tomb of Serpents
9. The Cleansing
10. Blood Stained Epitaph

Head over to Bandcamp to order the album now! You can find out much more about Oracle through their official website here, on Facebook, on Twitter, ReverbNation & YouTube.


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Oracle - Beyond Omega (Camp Yeti)
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