Album Review: Omni of Halos – Omni of Halos (Lövely Records)

Swedish alt-rock group Omni of Halos will release their debut, self-titled studio album on December 9th, 2022, on vinyl via Lövely Records. The album contains the four tracks from the band’s latest, digital-only EP ‘Carefree’ from 2022 plus six new, until now unreleased songs.

Omni of Halos blur the line between alternative rock, noise-rock, and radio-friendly pop, creating something that has indie flavour but with a lo-fi feel and is quite infectious. Love it or hate it, you’re going to end up with some of these tracks stuck in your head for days afterwards.

Energetic, theatrical, melodic, and fun. It’s very easy to see just why Omni of Halos have already made a name for themselves. The EP tracks fitting alongside the new tracks perfectly. You Suck, with its indie-riffic tone and anthemic chorus, the groovy foot-tapper that is Carefree, No Sleep’s wandering guitar tones, and Out of Control’s dramatic melodies and manic vocals. Each of these tracks showcase different elements of Omni of Halos while keeping their overall alt-rock tone, front and centre.

The EP tracks are very good, but Omni of Halos have more to show and some of these new tracks are just as impressive.

Ealy on, there’s one of the more eccentric and melody-driven guitar efforts with Birds Follow My Path. Whereas Darkest Hour, Final Hour is one of the more mood-altering listens, and Empty Shell really flirts with elements of noise-rock. Omni of Halos continuing to show off just how absorbing and electrifying their music can be.

Further proof coming from the noisy power of Crumbling Pieces, the temperamental post-like ring of Hand in Hand, and the energised In the Mud. A thoroughly enjoyable set of tracks on a thoroughly enjoyable album.

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Omni of Halos - Omni of Halos (Lövely Records)
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