Album Review: Ominous Shrine – Ο Δρόμος Της Αποθεώσεως (Goathorned Productions)

The debut album from Ominous Shrine, Ο Δρόμος Της Αποθεώσεως is a journey through ancient occult sensibilities within a blackened metal sound. The album was released on July 1st 2017 via Goathorned Productions.

Ominous Shrine 1

An immersive intro is followed by the intense ferociousness of V.I.T.R.I.O.L. The primal energy drips from every riff, every drum beat, every hook & every roar. While extremely aggressive in stance, it’s structured pace makes it incredibly listenable.

Being only 7 songs long (6 really as the first is just an intro), Ominous Shrine manage to pack Ο Δρόμος Της Αποθεώσεως with so many moments that will leave you open-mouthed it’s almost unreal.

The battering that V.I.T.R.I.O.L delivers with its unrelenting drum beat, the desperately hungry sounding vocals of Katabasis & the darkened doom riffs of Macrocosme.

The penultimate track, Ascension Extatique is initially unexceptional. It stops & starts, only really hitting its groove when a deep chugging riff takes over during a mid-point change in direction. It’s short lived though returning to a less interesting, faster paced style that doesn’t excite.

However, Ain Soph Aur ends the album on a high. A doomy, introspective high. Nearly 7 minutes of nasty, evil sounding riffs that drip sludge. Mixed with insane flashes of heaviness, it’s an eye-opening finish.

An album that requires several listens to really take it all on board. Dark, moody & extremely heavy. Ο Δρόμος Της Αποθεώσεως is a record that will leave you feeling as though the light has been extinguished.

Ominous Shrine 2

Ominous Shrine – Ο Δρόμος Της Αποθεώσεως Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. V.I.T.R.I.O.L
3. Katabasis
4. Stase
5. Macrocosme
6. Ascension Extatique
7. Ain Soph Aur

You can stream & buy the album over on Bandcamp here. Also check out the band over on Facebook!

Album Review: Ominous Shrine - Ο Δρόμος Της Αποθεώσεως (Goathorned Productions)
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