Album Review: Old Man Wizard – Kill Your Servants Quietly (Self Released)

Kill Your Servants Quietly is the third and final studio album from progressive heavy rock outfit Old Man Wizard. It follows the release of two full-length LPs: Unfavorable (2013) and Blame It All On Sorcery (2018).

Guitarist/Vocalist Francis Roberts writes:

This is my favorite album I’ve ever made. I love the songs I wrote for it, I loved working on it, and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with everyone. The plan was to record it in a very old school way: guitar/bass/drums live in the same room together with only eight inputs for the band, edited and mixed down to backing tracks, and adding vocals and other stuff as overlays. We got through the live recording part with eight of the songs just before the pandemic hit, so we had to track vocals, overlays, and two of the songs (“Live Forever” and “Your Life”) remotely. All three of us have decent home recording abilities, so I think it turned out sounding really cool. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it.



If you’re going to go out, go out with a bang.

Old Man Wizard leave the musical world on a high and this final album might very well be the best thing they’ve put out so far. It’s both admirable and surprising to see them call it a day when they’re creating music this strong.

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Opening the album with something quite dramatic. I Prayed is melancholic, fantastical and epic sounding. The harmonies are stunning, capable of sending the mind soaring through the air. So, what do they do next? Something lighter, rockier and more energetic. As you do. It’s baffling but so damn lovable.

Variety is the spice of life and Old Man Wizard are brimming over as God Is Your Friend takes us on a ‘Sabbath crossed with Ghost’ doomy journey. I Wanna Know has peppy chug and poppy rhythm, Your Life is chilled and calming with some impactful lyrical content, and Today has a catchy and memorable groove to it.

So much fun and so consistently stimulating. It’s an album you don’t want to end because it means you’ll never hear new music from Old Man Wizard again (in theory). Before that point is reached though, they’re determined to make sure the bang is loud.

Soldier’s Winter has a dirty rhythm balanced out by the calming vocals and one heck of a guitar solo. Whereas Parasite is so damn groovy, with some sharp and pointed lyrics that add an exclamation point to things. Falling Star then showcases dreamy vocals that are well-adjusted by eclectic guitar riffs and drums patterns.

How do you wrap up such a delightful album? As it began. With dramatic and cinematic flair. To say it’s an emotional ending is an understatement but it’s utterly brilliant.

So, it ends. Thank you Old Man Wizard. What a way to go out.

Old Man Wizard – Kill Your Servants Quietly Full Track Listing:

1. I Prayed
2. Kill Your Servants
3. God Is Your Friend
4. I Wanna Know
5. Your Life
6. Today
7. Soldier’s Winter
8. Parasite
9. Falling Star
10. Live Forever


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Old Man Wizard - Kill Your Servants Quietly (Self Released)
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