Album Review: Odd Dimension – The Blue Dawn (Scarlet Records)

Progressive metal band, Odd Dimension make their much-anticipated return with their brand-new album, The Blue Dawn. A sci-fi concept album due to be released on March 26th, 2021 via Scarlet Records.

The story surrounding album goes like this:

It’s the story of two space travellers – Markus and Eloise – involved in a deviation from their original path caused by the attacks of an unknown population that makes them land on a new planet then called ‘The Blue Planet’ where they’ll have to struggle to live, to the point of creating an army with the very matter of that planet to help them restore order and save their children, who will eventually mix with the hosts created by them, generating a new race.

A sci-fi prog epic, The Blue Dawn is as captivating as it is weird… and it is very weird. It’s also something of an epic. A larger-than-life story spread across an hour’s worth of music that is rarely subtle but delivers on imposing majesty. Deliciously detailed progginess with a richness to the guitars, energy when it’s needed and soaring highs courtesy of the vocals and keyboards.

One of the more pleasing aspects of The Blue Dawn, aside from just how sci-fi infused it feels, is that it rarely overdoes it. That’s not to suggest it isn’t insanely lavish and over the top, it needs to be considering the subject matter. What that means is the prog stays ordered and in keeping with the record theme. It’s not just a showcase of what comes out of the guitar.

The bass, drums and vocals are more than a match but it’s the keyboards that really stand tall across many of the album’s offerings. Elements take on a more prominent position depending on the track, allowing breathers, welcoming depth and variety into the overall experience.

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Of course, considering the length, the question of burnout is fair and there are moments where Odd Dimension push things to the limits. Where a bit of snipping and tidying up here and there might have made the odd track tighter and more concise. However, that’s personal choice as many may find themselves hoping for more and more rather than less.

Irrespective of that, The Blue Dawn is an enchanting release that really represents the sci-fi story it is trying to tell. Odd Dimension have crafted something of a modern prog classic.

Odd Dimension – The Blue Dawn Full Track Listing:

1. Mission n°773
2. Landing on Axtradel
3. The Invasion
4. Escape to Blue Planet
5. Solar Wind
6. Life Creators
7. The Blue Dawn
8. Sands of Yazukia
9. Flags of Victory
10. The Supreme Being


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Odd Dimension - The Blue Dawn (Scarlet Records)
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