Album Review: Oceans Ate Alaska – Disparity (Fearless Records)

Oceans Ate Alaska make their much-anticipated return with the brand-new album ‘Disparity’. The album is due to be released on the 1st of September via Fearless Records.

No matter how high the bar for modern metalcore/post-hardcore rises, there’s always someone capable of raising it that little more. Someone with the ability to move the genre forward and in exciting directions. Someone who maybe doesn’t get the same props as the ‘giants’ of the scene.

Step forward Oceans Ate Alaska and their raging new album, Disparity. A statement making release.

What’s the statement? It’s simple really… start paying attention and start giving this band the respect they have more than earned. Don’t say ‘metalcore’ with a sneer, not when Oceans Ate Alaska are showcasing such incredible intense variety throughout the eleven tracks of this release. Not when track after track comes at you with an unbelievable amount of passion.

Be under no false illusion, this is an inspired release that sees Oceans Ate Alaska bringing their ‘A’ game. Reflected in such heavyweight bangers like Paradigm, Shallow Graves, Plague Speech and Hallucinogen. Oceans Ate Alaska can go from melodramatic highs to rage-filled lows in an instant and, at times, throughout the same track. It makes for a constantly shifting and moving album to listen to. Hard to grasp, but easily making you want to try anyway.

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It’s not even because of the shifting and twisting metal soundscape that Oceans Ate Alaska deliver on this album that becomes so compelling. It’s all the other stuff dotted around, hidden here and there and layered cleverly throughout. It’s a dig for a gold and this a very enriching seam.

Oceans Ate Alaska are raising the metalcore/post-hardcore bar once again. Disparity is a thrilling album that keeps you guessing step by step. No filler, all killer. Once it ends, you are compelled to just hit play again… and again… and again.

Oceans Ate Alaska – Disparity Full Track Listing:

1. Paradigm
2. Nova
3. Metamorph
4. Shallow Graves
5. Sol
6. Dead Behind the Eyes (Featuring I Prevail’s Eric Vanlerberghe)
7. Plague Speech
8. Disparity
9. Empty Space
10. New Dawn
11. Hallucinogen


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Oceans Ate Alaska - Disparity (Fearless Records)
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