Album Review: Northern Crown – Northern Crown (Self Released)

Following up on their debut album The Others, Northern Crown’s self-titled sophomore release maintains the smoke and mirrors of the first EP In The Hands of The Betrayer but leans more in the direction of the first record and the band’s oldest rock influences – DIO, Rainbow, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath.

Out on October 12th 2018.

Northern Crown 2


Well, this is a nice surprise. Northern Crown deal in doom but not in the style you might be used too. No, these guys take a classic rock/metal style and twist to their use resulting in an album that thrills and chills.

Northern Crown tackles the difficult subject of how well we really know ourselves and how that shapes what we do and become. This dark subject matter makes for a compelling listen and the band indulge themselves within it as I Am Your Slave rings out hard and heavy.

The dirty beat of Forged from Nothing drifts into a spectacularly old-school tune before the vibe is turned down thanks the introduction of some epic guitar work. There’s a hell of a lot of imagination in that track but it’s nothing compared to the impressive proggy elements of The Desert and the Wind. If this song doesn’t make you fall in love with Northern Crown, nothing will.

The album ends with an excellent tribute to My Dying Bride with a cover of Your River.

Northern Crown 1

Northern Crown – Northern Crown Full Track Listing:

1. I Am Your Slave
2. Merciless, They Let You Suffer
3. Forged From Nothing
4. Chasing The Sun
5. The Desert And The Wind
6. Righteous & Pure
7. By Demons Bidden
8. Your River (My Dying Bride Cover)

You can order the album now via Bandcamp. Find out more/keep up to date with news by checking out Northern Crown’s Facebook Page and Twitter.

Northern Crown - Northern Crown (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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