Album Review: Nocturne Wulf – Nocturne Wulf (Self Released)

Originally formed in 2016 and hailing from Glasgow, Nocture Wulf had a few early teething problems with personnel, but have now settled on an established line up featuring the aural talents of Bob McDougall (lead vocals), Jamie Paterson (rhythm guitar), Steve Scott (bass), Chris Horne (lead guitar) and Scott McLeod (drums). The Scottish metallers reached the final of M2TM in 2018, and since then have gone on to regularly tour throughout the whole of Scotland. On stage, the dynamic five-piece have built up a formidable reputation for their engaging live shows which have seen them grow an army of dedicated followers.

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Tipping their hats to past metal masters and contemporary riff slingers, Nocturne Wulf have engineered a sound that calls upon the ferocious drive of Slayer, underpinned by the mastery of Iron Maiden and Metallica. They will release their self-titled new album, on Friday 19th July 2019.

The band remark about the album:

This record was a marriage of hard work and passion to create the best heavy metal album we could. The album’s key mantra was to be great and diverse, as well as heavy. The motivation was simple: Victory or Death.

Oh yes…this is a heavy metal album. The slamming thrashy tempo, the hyper riffing, thumping drum beat and horn-throwing vocals, it’s as clear as glass. However, it’s not just a throwback tribute album, not at all. Instead what we have here is a wickedly modern take on a style that never seems to go out of vogue.

It’s good. Very bloody good. Emphasised by the bombastic film-like intro of Come Hell or High Water. It is the perfect lead in for Gunslinger which has riffs for days and a hell of a catchy chorus. Quickly followed by an even more frantic Necrodancer and the bludgeoning beat of Hell’s Heart.

So far, so very metal. Listening to this you can’t help but feel like you should be rocking some leather trousers. It’s ballad time next though. Raise those lighters high and enjoy the subtle guitar melodies of The Druid especially as the latter half has a tempo shift that sees the drums control the pace in the most wonderful of ways before the guitars deliver a masterclass in soloing.

Keeping it heavy, Stormrage is a thumping endorsement of Nocturne Wulf’s metal credentials and it’s here, the Slayer influences are a little clearer. Deadman Walkin’ and Barbarian are just as strong although the latter’s chugging riffing is the most memorable thing about them.

Nocturne Wulf don’t mess around with Chariots of Fenris either. The shout of ‘attack’ introducing a frantic track of heavy metal gold. The double header of The Wolf and Troll Hunter then offering variety for the finale. The former is moodier and slower but certainly doesn’t lack impact especially with these kinds of riffs. While the latter is short-lived mayhem, a wild and near uncontrollable closer.

Not only is this debut fun, it’s on point in regards to proficiency. Nocturne Wulf can play, bloody hell can they. Give them some love by checking out this album and join everyone else whose heard it in becoming part of the pack.

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Nocturne Wulf – Nocturne Wulf Full Track Listing:

1. Come Hell or High Water
2. Gunslinger
3. Necrodancer
4. Hell’s Heart
5. The Druid
6. Stormrage
7. Deadman Walkin’
8. Barbarian
9. Chariots of Fenris
10. The Wolf
11. Troll Hunter


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Nocturne Wulf - Nocturne Wulf (Self Released)
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