Album Review: Nocte Obducta – Totholz (Ein Raunen aus der Klammwald) (MDD Records)

The 12th release from black metal band, Nocte Obducta comes only 12 months after the release of their 11th album, Mogontiacum (Nachdem die Nacht herabgesunken …). The new album is out May 26th 2017 by MDD Records.

Nocte Obducta 1

The distorted sound of the guitars that welcome you into Innsmouth Hotel will leave a ringing in your ears. It’s a short but punchy intro that is all about a deep groove sound. It buries its way into your brain before the frosty black metal sounds of Die Kirche der Wachenden Kinder dig that little bit deeper.

Doomy riffs with blackened vocals that take on a spoken word style at times, it’s dark & brooding but very memorable stuff. A trend that continues throughout the the 7 tracks that make up Totholz (Ein Raunen aus dem Klammwald).

Trollgott ups the heaviness with the vocals absolutely slaying while the title track, Totholz takes the low distortion to a whole new level.

The short & uneventful Ein Staehlernes Lied leads into the fantastically dark Liebster, the doomy riffs spilling into the final 15 minute stunner, Wiedergaenger Blues. A fitting finale, the first few minutes are near silence with occasional distant strums of a guitar. It builds anticipation as you wait & wait for it to really get going.

When it does, about the 3 minute mark, it’s folksy blue melodies come as a bit of surprise considering what came before. That surprise is quickly replaced by joy as Wiedergaenger Blues proves that Nocte Obducta are masters of creating dark & evil atmosphere.

It’s the perfect ending to an album that gets so much right.

Nocte Obducta 2

Nocte Obducta – Totholz (Ein Raunen aus dem Klammwald) Full Track Listing:

1. Innsmouth Hotel
2. Die Kirche der Wachenden Kinder
3. Trollgott
4. Totholz
5. Ein Staehlernes Lied
6. Liebster
7. Wiedergaenger Blues

You can find out more about Nocte Obducta – Totholz (Ein Raunen aus der Klammwald) & Nocte Obducta via Facebook & their official website. Check out the band’s back catalogue below on Apple Music!

Totholz (Ein Raunen aus der Klammwald) (MDD Records)
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