Album Review: Nocte Obducta – Irrlicht (Supreme Chaos Records)

Nocte Obducta was founded in 1995 as the successor of the band Deshîra. Now, 25 years after the foundation, it is already the 13th album, entitled ‘Irrlicht’ that will be released on October 23rd 2020 via Supreme Chaos Records.

Like fresh lemon squeezed into a cut, the rawness of Nocte Obducta’s black metal is stomach-clenching in how stinging it is. The Germans delivering a classic showcase of the ruthless sound but with a ton of imagination and variety.

It’s not without many lulls in ferocity, more melodic drops in intensity and plenty of atmosphere. The opener Zurück im bizarren Theater running the entire gambit before crashing down in magnificent style at the end.

Like the herald of end times, that leads into the sombre drawl of Von Stürzen in Mondmeere and merciless, yet eerie Rot und Grau. The latter, one of the more impressive efforts as it really shows Nocte Obducta aren’t being held hostage to the traditions of black metal.

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Moving back up a gear for the speed that turns Der Greis und die Reiterin into a raging inferno of molten metal. The viciousness on show is welcome, especially as it has some catchy riffing in the latter part. Before it’s epic time with Der alte Traum, a near 10-minute offering that deals out a wonderous high level of dark atmospheric black metal.

That’s quite an exhausting effort but Nocte Obducta aren’t quite done yet. As Bei den Ruinen has a chilled start with soft melodic guitars, subtle drums and whispered vocals. Of course, it ramps up the metal intensity shortly afterwards only to have an about-turn into peppier and proggy guitar tones. The weirdest but most fascinating track of the bunch, for better or worse.

Last but not least, Noch is a lavish and vast choice to end things on. Layers of rough blackness, attractive melodies, detailed atmosphere and a penchant for breaking out into aggressive notes on a whim. A classy closer.

Nocte Obducta – Irrlicht Full Track Listing:

1. Zurück im bizarren Theater
2. Von Stürzen in Mondmeere
3. Rot und Grau
4. Der Greis und die Reiterin
5. Der alte Traum
6. Bei den Ruinen
7. Noch


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Nocte Obducta - Irrlicht (Supreme Chaos Records)
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