Album Review: Nightblade – Ignorance Is Bliss (Self Released)

Midlanders alternative rock quartet Nightblade are back with an explosive new album, Ignorance Is Bliss, out on Friday 4th December 2020.

An anthemic and catchy offering, Nightblade’s Ignorance is Bliss is 10 tracks of groovy and danceable rock music. Something likely to capture the mainstream’s attention through the sheer good time fun factor of it all.

That being said, there’s not much excitement to be had with the bland opener that is the title track. The rock rhythm is utterly forgettable. Thankfully, the course is corrected immediately with the kickass energetic groove of Steering the Wheel and super-catchy Only You. Both tracks showing exactly what makes Nightblade such an appealing proposition.

A powerful effort in Never Take for Granted, melodic but with impactful riffing, keeps things rooted in the mellower side of rock. Although it and the following peppier effort of What If push the limits with both going over 7 minutes in length. The latter, really starts to bore as it goes on and on.

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Course corrected again though with the bouncy singalong and body shaker that is Further From the Truth and Take Me As I Am. A very fitting title for the latter track as it really is the case with Nightblade. This is what they do and you’ll either love it or hate it. It also happens to be one of the most exciting tracks on the album.

The good times keep rolling too as the anthems keep coming thick and fast. The latter efforts from Nightblade; Immune to It All, Find the Strength Within and Stop all have the elements that make this band an enjoyable proposition.

If you like your rock with heart, soul and plenty of energy then this is for you.

Nightblade – Ignorance is Bliss Full Track Listing:

1. Ignorance Is Bliss
2. Steering the Wheel
3. Only You
4. Never Take for Granted
5. What If
6. Further from The Truth
7. Take Me as I Am
8. Immune to It All
9. Find the Strength Within
10. Stop


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Nightblade - Ignorance Is Bliss (Self Released)
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