Album Review: Nest – Metempsychosis (Sludgelord Records)

Hailing from Lexington Kentucky, the doom, gloom, and utter disgust filled duo of Nest will release their new album, Metempsychosis on March 2nd 2018 via Sludgelord Records.

Nest 2

Book-ended by two short horror style scenes, a deep & booming sludgy heaviness wraps itself around you from the moment The Cowardice and Rashness of Courage begins. An album that brings moody, dark-filled riffs & smart shifts in tempo that stop the more death metal-like vocals taking over.

Flying by in a swirl of meaty bass hooks & melodies, the progressive fuzziness of Divining by the Entrails of Sheep adds layers to Nest’s sound. More than just your average sludgy/doom band, they offer brief respites of light within the gloom.

Not that Nest have any issues with just providing brooding levels of heaviness as Heretic, Jewel of Iniquity & From the Darkness in me, Illuminate prove. Although the latter of three’s drop in tempo to deliver a moody & miserable melody is a highlight.

The longest track on the album also closes it in a hail of heavy sludge & uncomfortable noises confirming that Metempsychosis is going to go down as a classic!

Nest 1



Nest – Metempsychosis Full Track Listing:

1. –
2. The Cowardice and Rashness of Courage
3. Gallows of Fever
4. Heretic
5. Divining by the Entrails of Sheep
6. Jewel of Iniquity
7. From the Darkness in me, Illuminate
8. Life’s Grief
9. –

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You can order the album now over on Sludgelord Records’ Bandcamp as well as listen to released tracks above. It will also be available via major streaming services including Apple Music below & can be picked up via the band’s Bandcamp here. Find out more about Nest on Facebook here.


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Nest - Metempsychosis (Sludgelord Records)
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