Album Review: Nephilim – Demonic Society (Self Released)

Originally formed in late 2016, Nephilim hail from Stockton-On-Tees, and provide the true metal package: insane drums, chuggy riffs and killer dual guitars, enhanced with a mixture of both clean and unclean vocals. The rising UK metallers draw from a range of contemporary metal. The North-East riff beasts have picked up favourable descriptors likening their sound to Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Killswitch Engage and Asking Alexandria.

On the 20th September 2019, their debut album Demonic Society will be released.

The band remark about the album:

Demonic Society is the product of our hard work over the last two years. We’ve gone through various member changes, broadened our influences and developed during the process. The album includes a range of songs that we believe reflects today’s ‘Demonic Society’.

An eerie guitar tone sets the scene, Nephilim are here to play heavy metal and play it hard.

Death Takes Today then doesn’t initially wow, a little too ‘standard’ at first but it really comes to life with a strong showing from the drums. The guitar solo is pretty wicked too. Created By Design is nice and frantic, Remember Me goes for the thrashier approach with a barn-burning level of groove and Beyond the Gates’ goes for the a dirtier, lower tempo attack.

Flying now, Nephilim keep chugging along and spit fire with Fuelled by Hate, the rougher side of the vocals slaying here. Whereas No Place to Hide and Breath of Blood take a very metalcore stance; part hard rocking, part speedy metal and both style of vocals duelling it out. Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing to get too excited about either.

The problem is that a few too many tracks are just run of the mill. Clearly Nephilim have talent; you only need to check out the aforementioned tracks and the latter double of Wicked Times and The Abyss to see that.

Plenty to love, plenty to head-bang too and plenty to see that these metallers are just getting started.

Nephilim – Demonic Society Full Track Listing:

1. Demonic Society
2. Death Takes Today
3. Created By Design
4. Remember Me
5. Beyond the Gates
6. Fuelled By Hate
7. No Place to Hide
8. Breath of Blood
9. Wicked Times
10. The Abyss




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Nephilim - Demonic Society (Self Released)
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