Album Review: Nan Elmoth – Void Serpent (Pacific Threnodies)

Void Serpent is the second full release by traditional black metal band, Nan Elmoth. The digital album & limited edition cassette tape is out on July 28th 2017 via Pacific Threnodies.

Nan Elmoth 1

4 tracks of old school black metal, Nan Elmoth are all about spreading the evil vibes & Void Serpent does that wonderfully. I – Purification sounds ripped straight out of Hell’s speakers with a deliciously nasty sound.

There is no melody here, no attempt at being anything but as bleak & horrific sounding as possible. The production job adds to the overall relentless blackness that seeps from every note & bitter vocal howl. Songs like II – Ravaged by War & Plague & Void Serpent deliver the band’s evil message with serious aplomb. All with a bit more rhythm & tempo changes then you might initially expect.

It might be only 4 tracks long but with over 30 minutes of music, you definitely get your monies worth here. Especially as this style of music can easily overstay it’s welcome. That’s not a problem for Nan Elmoth though as IV – To Walk the Path ends things on a high.

No surprises here. The blackest of metal riffs with an appealing doomy beat layered throughout its 7 and a half minute run.

There is no denying that to really get all you can out of Void Serpent you have to have an ear for this level of old-school & brutal black metal. It’s certainly not for everyone but it’s damn good!

Nan Elmoth 2

Nan Elmoth – Void Serpent Full Track Listing:

1. I – Purification
2. II – Ravaged By War And Plague
3. III – Void Serpent
4. IV – To Walk The Path

You can order the album & the limited cassette tape now from Pacific Threnodies’ Bandcamp. You can check out Nan Elmoth over on Facebook.


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Nan Elmoth - Void Serpent (Pacific Threnodies)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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