Album Review: Nailed to Obscurity – Black Frost (Nuclear Blast)

On January 11th 2019, German melodic death/doom metal band, Nailed to Obscurity will release their new album, Black Frost via Nuclear Blast Records. The debut record for the band on this label, they had this to say:

Frequently, we carry frustration, pain, fear and rage with us until it’s too late. Like black frost that builds up weightily on the mast and the ropes of a ship, able to cause it to capsize, we burden ourselves. These suppressed emotions are the focus of Black Frost, which for us is the next logical step after King Delusion. While the new songs feature our distinctive touches, they are also a lot more open and multifaceted than ever before. We can’t wait to finally unleash our Nuclear Blast debut and to present Black Frost live on stage in January/February!”

Black Frost 2

We’re greeted by a marching drum beat and rumbling bass as Nailed to Obscurity get their excellent new album off to an uncomfortable start with the title track. The whine of guitars pick up before eerie clean vocals step forward. It builds and builds unleashing more and more elements until it has transformed into a guttural and nasty sounding tune.

Tears of the Eyeless then heightens the morose melodies that permeate the entire record as the band move effortlessly from pained sadness to dark heaviness. The first real ‘wow’ moments comes next in the form of The Aberrant Host. A track that delivers a truly eye-opening level of effective melodic death. The drumming on this track is very impressive.

They don’t change the formula up at all throughout the record but it doesn’t really matter as it’s only seven tracks long. While some of these clock in around 8 minute mark, there are often enough differing elements, technicality and melodies to keep things ticking along nicely. That being said, the likes of Feardom and Cipher might find your mind wander a little.

It does end positively though with winding riffs and haunting rhythmic melodies as Resonance and Road to Perdition offer contrasting takes on Nailed to Obscurity’s doomy death style.

A solid release, one that starts 2019 off in a darkly positive manner.

Black Frost 1

Nailed to Obscurity – Black Frost Full Track Listing:

1. Black Frost
2. Tears of the Eyeless
3. The Aberrant Host
4. Feardom
5. Cipher
6. Resonance
7. Road to Perdition

Black Frost will be available via all digital and streaming services. You can also order it via a number of formats through Nuclear Blast here.


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Nailed to Obscurity – Black Frost (Nuclear Blast)
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