Album Review: Mouth For War – Bleed Yourself (MNRK)

A five-piece metalcore band from Colorado Springs, Mouth for War will release their sophomore album ‘Bleed Yourself’ on October 27th, 2023, via MNRK.

Fancy some startling aggression and intensity? Mouth for War have exactly what you need. Spitting absolute fire and fury on this new album from the start with the unmitigated savagery of Roses in Place of Your Ashes. It’s a frenzied start that showcases an uncompromising blend style of hardcore groove. If you’re not gurning through the sheer force of the breakdowns on this opener, Mouth for War will get you on the next couple of tracks.

Which just so happen to be even more crashing and smashing heavy chaos. The Plight of Those You Leave Behind, Captivated, No Grace, and Taste of Steel. Track after track that come steaming out of the gates. Mouth for War do everything in their power to leave you feeling like you’ve had the s**t kicked out of you.

It’s certainly mission accomplished, as most will be grateful for the short psych-tinged, melodic break that is In Lieu of Flowers. Before Mouth for War’s rage returns with aplomb on The Devil, delivering some nasty stompy groove, but sounding more extreme then ever. This track might have the most violent breakdown of the entire album.

There is no one track that stands out for being better than the other, which just shows how strong this album is overall. It’s why a track like Saturate Me, that happens to be the longest track on the album, holds the attention as much as a track like Under the Gun and Talking to God. The latter of which barely passes the two-minute mark. A longer track just gives Mouth for War more room to build up their heaviness, whereas the shorter ones are them causing outright carnage as quickly as possible.

It’s also highly impressive that desensitisation never sets in, Mouth for War’s viciousness is just too damn enjoyable for that to happen. As the album comes to a close with Shattered Self, The Rush of Seeing Red, and the title track, everyone will still be moving and grooving like a wild animal. This really is a contender for the heaviest album of the year, purely because it is so non-stop when it comes to unrestrained brutality.

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Mouth for War – Bleed Yourself Track Listing:

1. Roses In Place Of Your Ashes
2. The Plight Of Those You Left Behind
3. Captivated
4. No Grace
5. Taste Of Steel
6. In Lieu Of Flowers
7. The Devil
8. Saturate Me
9. Under The Gun
10. Talking To God
11. Shattered Self
12. The Rush Of Seeing Red
13. Bleed Yourself


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Mouth For War - Bleed Yourself (MNRK)
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