Album Review: Mortyfear – My Dystopia (Inverse Records)

Finnish Seinäjoki-based metal band Mortyfear is set to release their second studio album ‘My Dystopia’ on July 15th 2021 via Inverse Records. Each song on the new album is a different story and they connect to a big picture called My Dystopia.

This isn’t a circus anyone is going to want to visit, such is the sinister and evil edge this opener has. Circus Called Life’s ‘playfulness’ is much more horrifying than you might expect, the sharp effects and blast of death-infused heaviness conjures up images of twisted entertainers leering and gurning from the darkness. It’s a strange start and that strangeness is continued into Jester’s Downfall. Where the jabbing screeches, mellow whispering and savage eruptions of noise really mess with the head.

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It’s then nice to hear Black Noise move away from the bizarre and evil playfulness for something that sounds suitably grandiose. The slight symphonic touch, the 80’s synth and blend of vocal styles really hits the mark. Whereas Plastic World has a gothic edge with its clean singing and sweet keyboard melody and Spoiled’s opening gambit sounds so horror movie like. The track transforming into something quite energetic and fun sounding while still having an intense metal flavour.

It’s time for something very weird though as Misfortunate Phoenix sounds like a fever dream with its nonsensical effects, odd melody, catchy vocals and brief guitar solo. Before Delete makes things feel grand, twisted and exciting again. The heavier beat playing off the unusual melody has that air of madness again but it’s clear that is exactly what Mortyfear are going for so it really works.

Which means the 7+ minute finale of Dark Waters shouldn’t be too much of a surprise in regards to how strange it is. However, Mortyfear scale it back for something that takes its time and looks to pour an ice-cold bucket of water over the head.

It’s such an eclectic release and when Mortyfear get it right, it’s a lot of fun. Though they also get it wrong on a few occasions too.

Mortyfear – My Dystopia Full Track Listing:

1. Circus Called Life
2. Jester’s Downfall
3. Black Noise
4. Plastic World
5. Spoiled
6. Misfortunate Phoenix
7. Delete
8. Dark Waters


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Mortyfear - My Dystopia (Inverse Records)
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