Album Review: Moonscape – Entity (Self Released)

Moonscape is a project founded by Håvard Lunde and is based in Gjøvik in the Oppland region in Norway. The new album, Entity will be released on October 2nd 2017 independently.

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Entity is a conceptual album which tells the story of a man who no longer dares to face the world around him. Inconsolable, he has shut his eyes and sworn to never open them again. In desperation he finds no other way out than to escape into his own thoughts. In a silent corner in his mind, where he thought he would be safe from the world outside, he suddenly has to face a demon from his past, hidden away in his subconsciousness.

With the sound of epic wonder, Entity gets started with the upbeat groovy rhythm of Disconsolation (The Hidden Threat). Soaring vocals offer a seriously heavyweight piece of metal especially alongside the infectious riffs & gorgeous melody.

The absolutely stellar line-up of guest musicians makes Entity a stunning journey that never feels disconnected but has plenty of original ideas to stand out. It’s near impossible to put the album into one particular sub-genre of metal as there are so many elements that make Entity such an exciting listen.

A track like Into the Ethereal Shadows has plenty of ‘metal’ about it but is filled with such uplifting melody too. While Under Absent Clouds lets the bass do all the heavy lifting giving the track a really dark & moody vibe. At least up until the final minute or so when it opens up with some seriously ferocious speed.

Other tracks like Abandonment & A Stolen Prayer are all about huge traditional metal riffs & solos. Songs that have one task, to get your head-banging as hard & heavy as possible. It’s an album filled with a dark atmosphere & an introspective outlook. Extremely memorable especially when throwing in a lesser used instrument such as the saxophone (A Crack in the Clouds).

With a ton of imagination & talent Moonscape have created a musical journey that is like a trip through all the best parts of metal in 2017. Heavy riffs, soaring melody, clean & guttural vocals, screaming solos…it’s all here & all very easy to enjoy.

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Moonscape – Entity Full Track Listing:

1. Disconsolation (The Hidden Threat)
2. A Farewell to Reality
3. Into the Ethereal Shadows
4. Abandonment
5. Under Absent Clouds
6. A Stolen Prayer
7. A Crack in the Clouds
8. The Bargaining
9. Entity

You can order the album now via Bandcamp as well as all major streaming/music services once it is out. Keep up to date with all Moonscape news over on Facebook & Instagram!

Moonscape - Entity (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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