Album Review: Moon Haven – Monochrome Reflections (Self Released)

Monochrome Reflections, the debut album from Phoenix, Arizona based band, Moon Haven will be released independently on July 7th 2017.

Moon Haven 1

Ambience. It’s a big part of what Monochrome Reflections is all about. Emotive with melodic rhythm, it’s a thought-provoking release. One that gets the attention straight away thanks to the gorgeous piano/whispered vocal intro, Monochrome. That leads into Veil of Grey, a song that shows off brief heavier blasts of metal with beautiful melodies & soaring vocals.

Instantly, it’s obvious that there is far more to Moon Haven’s music. The songs are deeply-layered, emotional driven with some serious heart. Progressive alternative rhythm…probably the best way to describe Moon Haven. They occupy a niche that not many bands operate in at all.

The bass-led melody of Cloudscape, the harder riffing & rockier sound of Transparent, the upbeat melody of Amethyst Eyes & the more metal sounding Shattered. It’s song after song of unique sounding music, all with perfect clarity thanks to a top production job.

There are definitely comparisons to the more modern sounding Opeth but Moon Haven keep things shorter, stopping before songs drag on & become boring. There not to say it isn’t lacking in some areas. Both Whisper of the Gale & the final track Luna lack standout moments. Both are solid enough in relation to what is found elsewhere but they don’t stick.

In between them though is the gorgeous melody of Horizons. A subtle tune that utilises classical instruments such as a piano & a violin to perfection.

Moon Haven 2

Moon Haven – Monochrome Reflections Full Track Listing:

1. Monochrome
2. Veil of Grey
3. Cloudscape
4. Transparent
5. Part of Me
6. Amethyst Eyes
7. Shattered
8. Whisper of the Gale
9. Horizons
10. Luna

You can order the album over on Bandcamp here & find out more about Moon Haven on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.


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Moon Haven - Monochrome Reflections (Self Released)
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