Album Review: Mollo Rilla – Viva El Camino (Seeing Red Records)

No stranger to the industry, main lyricist and songwriter Marco Ciofani was previously signed as a songwriter under Roundhill publishing. For a year he co-wrote songs with artists all around Nashville including former lead guitarist of Cage the Elephant, Lincoln Parish. Disenchanted with Nashville and writing music for others, Marco returned to his hometown of Cleveland to create something all his own and in 2017 found the perfect musicians to compliment his own unique writing style.

Since Mollo Rilla’s inception, their core mission is one of musical freedom and creating damn fine rock music. Together, the group effortlessly blend many styles including Latin, Rockabilly, Surf, Hip Hop, and even Disco. Their lyrical themes tend to surround feelings, thoughts, and beliefs on freedom, fantasy, faith, and of course, LOVE.

To follow up their self-titled debut album in May of 2019, Mollo Rilla now bring us Viva El Camino. Out on December 4th 2020 via Seeing Red Records.

Eclectic and groovy, weird and wonderful, baffling and confounding. Mollo Rilla are a lot of things but the over-riding feeling is one of enjoyment. The wacky oddity that is their sophomore album, is very entertaining.

As likely to have you head-banging as much as diving on a dancefloor and showing off your awkward dance moves. Some of the grooviest tracks; Night Fang, Pendelum, Let Go Pt. 1 and Rage the Day are where most will find their satisfaction. It’s insanely fun, so much so that even the most miserable of people won’t be able to stop themselves smiling throughout.

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Whereas the likes of Lock & Load has a punky edge to it and Mike Angelo takes a mournful, yet chilled out stance. Case in point about the eclectic nature of the record is this track ends with an unexpected saxophone!

A personal favourite though is the dusty Western twang of Bliss. Where you can feel the hot sun sapping the strength, but the comforting vocals keep the feet moving forwards.

Very unique and very clever.

Mollo Rilla – Viva El Camino Full Track Listing:

1. The Raven
2. El Camino
3. Night Fang
4. Pendelum
5. Lock & Load
6. Mike Angelo
7. Let Go Pt.1
8. Bliss
9. Rage The Day
10. Let Go Pt. 2


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Mollo Rilla - Viva El Camino (Seeing Red Records)
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